Desire to attract attention and our urge to show our public traits. It can also be a  cover up; an attempt to improve oneself. A mask you might wear to hide your lack of confidence or to hide your true feelings, thoughts or defects. An attempt to avoid seeing yourself as you are.

Example: I was getting ready to go out with a group of friends, some of them new. I looked in the mirror to make up and saw a hole in my nose. It was deep and I could see the bone showing through. I put some foundation makeup in the hole and covered it up and it didn’t look too bad. I went out to meet my friends. In talking this over it seemed as simple as having a hole in ones nose, and how people would stare, and how one would have a sense of having a personal defect.  Marilyn.

But perhaps in many dreams, it indicates the feminine magic of transforming your appearance to attract attention, or to change your image. In some cases the struggle against ageing or the body form you have.

For a woman, putting on makeup is one of those daily habits like shaving is for most men. So the dream might use it to show something about your way of life, things left undone, or carelessness if forgotten.

There are so many cosmetics on the market now that it is important to understand the relevance of a particular cosmetic if it appears in your dream. What lies behind your use of it, and why is that relevant now?

Not having makeup on: Suggests feeling not at your best, or less likely to create a good impression or being unprepared. Or even a way of showing your natural beauty.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part is the makeup playing in my dream and in my life?

What do I feel about the makeup, and how does that relate to my present situation?

Am I trying to hide or cover up something – if so what?

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-Tony Crisp 2012-05-22 12:14:21

Kelly – E.Coli is a bacterium that is natural in the human gut. It is only some strains of it that can be harmful. It can be carried on raw vegetables, and also on raw meat.

The dream seems to say that chicken is good for you, but as you are a vegan you need to see what chicken could give you in your diet and use that. For instance I know that meat contains a lot of magnesium and you need the mixture if magnesium and calcium. That with plenty of protein, for instance beans and sweet corn together provide a complete protein – apart they do not – and a good vitamin and mineral supplement should be fine.


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