Memory and result of an old hurt, old emotion or pain, or frightening situation. If it is volcanic, a crack in the outer self through which inner repressed emotions or passions might pour out. You usually dream of a crater at times of personal upheaval, or when dealing with difficult emotions and influences.

If it is a bomb crater it show an explosive and painful experience that has left its marks in you and your behaviour.

A crater filled with water indicates that you are in touch with deep intuitions or your inner life – or you can be if you interact with the water in some way. This is because a past hurt has opened the way not just to old pains, but to intuitions or wisdom arising from the unconscious.

Animals or prehistoric creatures emerging from the crater or pit show that you are beginning to meet really basic instinctive drives you had previously kept buried. This is a positive thing if you do not run in fear from them.

A meteor crater might be indicating very ancient influences that you are in some way aware of at the moment.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do events and feelings in my life show any sense of old traumas – if so can I identify them?

What feelings were experienced in the dream, and what part do those feelings play in my waking life?

Is anything emerging from the crater – and if so how do I relate to it and what does it represent?

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-vixxy 2016-03-17 8:33:11

I just dreamed of a huge white billowy vortex spinning slowly over a deep crater. The town and people including myself could feel and see it moving and growing in strength and aware that something was going to happen. It wasn’t pleasant to observe and I awoke when I tried to get myself and family to evacuate. There were others who didn’t seem to be alarmed by this.

-Zee 2015-06-30 13:57:25

Crater like holes appeared on my right arm after a dude told me a memory that happened in real life in my dream. I woke up scratching my arm like crazy.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-07-02 14:27:02

    Dear Zee – Your dream is making you aware that you still carry psychological hurts within you, probably as a result of the memory of something that happened in real life.
    Arms usually refer to your ability to love, give, take, create, defend and to reach out. Our arms, especially the arm we use most, can also represent all the struggle and effort we have put into life, what we have given and taken, what skills we have learned or created in the work and labour of life and love.
    Your right arm – if you are right handed – indicates your active outgoing self, your conscious and capable skills such as you express with this hand and arm. It is the part of you obvious to others and yourself, your strength or lack of it. Injury or malformation of this arm – like crater like holes – indicates inability to be creative and productive in the outer world. It shows problems regarding manifesting or making real, what you wish or will to do.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Vanessa 2015-03-11 2:50:14

I dreamt that me and about 8 of my friends (only 2 of them I can remember, and a blonde skater guy that seemed somewhat familiar in the group but couldn’t make his face out. The others I couldn’t make out, because it’s just a blur now) we went into this rectangle stone building, and inside this stone ancient building was some sort of rectangle crater/deep hole. Me and my friend decided to sit around it, we were so amazed by it until the blonde guy fell in. Then we all became scared and were freaking out because he fell in. You could hear the splash of him falling. All I could think about was “was it water he fell into? Or was there a ton of bodies with blood he fell on to?” Where I was sitting there was some sort of short slope (kind of like an easy slide to your death) and my friend Shelbi, sitting next to me was messing around and wouldn’t stop teasing people about falling in and she fell down the slope. I reached for her and she pulled me down into it; with one arm hanging, no one could reach me. I remember crying black tears (I would assume most likely from how much eyeliner I wear) and just being so scared that these were my final moments. I could see everyone reaching for me but no one could reach me and I couldn’t lift. I had then dropped my friend shelbi’s hand and by then it was just me. It’s like the slope got longer and everyone’s hands were getting farther and farther to reach. I couldn’t see down in the hole. By then I had fallen. I woke up as I was still falling. Not sure what this all means. But i really want to know what this means. Also the other friend that was there was my friends ex-boyfriend. Not sure why he was there?

-Melissa 2015-01-13 17:52:32

I had a dream where I had just purchased a home and upon inspecting the property I walked under the highway and as I turned the corner a huge crater appeared. This crater was very deep. And I almost fell into it. I wondered how it could be there and the highway not fall into it and then I became terrified that one of my grandchildren would fall in. I then woke up.

-Michelle 2014-12-06 4:40:09

I dreamt that there was a road emerging from the crater. I was driving from the middle of the meteor crater on the road over the ripples that the impact caused. In my mind I was looking up and down the hills of the crater as I was driving and remember thinking how beautiful the views are from the highest points…..

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-12 9:22:34

    Michelle – Something big has happened or is about to happen to you. But such dreams are not usually about your outer life but the life of your feelings and mind. It shows a massive psychological change.

    A meteor is a sign of change coming from your core self – a self we are usually not aware of. But such events are so powerful and yours has or will lead to seeing the beauty of life around you in your expanded awareness. See


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