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An error you may fall into, a difficulty you are facing, or a danger that confronts you. A big hole might suggest a descent into the unconscious, memories. A hole, especially with grass, foliage or bushes around it, can represent the female sex organs.

Any hole, tunnel or cave, not only suggest female attributes such as receptiveness, they also indicate the unknown or what is still unconscious. If the tunnel, hole or cave is dimly lit, it suggests aspects of you that are not defined, in the shadows of other more fully expressed qualities. See: Cave and Fall.

A hole can also be an escape route, so you need to define if this is true in your dream.

Difficulty or tricky situation in life; a situation you might ‘fall into’; a place to hide or feel protected in – therefore womb like feelings; an escape route or a way through from one situation into another; a way of ‘seeing through’ something; an ‘opening’ or opportunity; the vagina. Occasionally refers to death. Or sometimes used as word play meaning whole.

A hole is also something that things can go into or come out of. Food goes in our mouth for instance and comes out the other end. So poking food in a hole could link with eating. But holes can link with leaks, and sometimes dreams use a leak to suggest the way we lose energy or waste our energy resources. (Rocket dream as example.)

Going in hole: Meeting feelings, urges or fears we usually keep unconscious; confronting aspects of self buried beneath our surface awareness; memories of womb existence; death – burial.

Falling in hole: Of course it could mean you are meeting a difficulty that you didn’t keep  your eyes open to see. But some holes we fall into or find ourselves confronted by are there as a challenge to see if you are confident that nothing can hurt you in your dreams. Falling is not fatal or even harmful in dreams. We tend to take things we are rightfully scared of in everyday life and then take them into our dreams where nothing can hurt us. But of course we still fear if we do not understand that dreams are like computer games and are virtual realities. You can get killed a hundred times in dreams and yet you awake the next day none the worse – except if you are frightened, and  it is fear that can do you harm, not dreams. See dream yoga.

Holes in clothes, objects: Faults; weaknesses; illness; ‘full of holes’.

Holes in body: Sense of weakness; emptiness in ones life such as loneliness; illness; negative feelings about that part of self; see body for appropriate part.

Hole in head: Letting everyone know what you think; gossiping.

Hole in road: Difficulty ahead. Death or death of person falling down the hole.

Pothole: If you are going into it, it suggests you are exploring the precviously uknown memories or parts of your nature, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. It could even suggest going back into a womb type awareness.

Small hole: It depends where it is and the context in which it appears. It could refer to the vagina, or a hole on your body.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the hole frightening or beckoning?

Where is the hole – in me or in the surroundings?

What feelings did I experience in the dream?

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-Cassidy 2014-05-26 23:59:56

What if you are already in the hole/pit in your dream?


-KDC 2014-07-13 5:24:44

Wanted to share this weird dream I had a night ago (6/12), I was looking up symbolism and saw this website. I saw this huge lion being paraded through a city, carried by people on some kind of platform. This lion was huge, like 10 ft high when sitting on hind legs and a big black mane. What struck me was this huge cannon ball-sized hole right through the back of his head (profile view). I drew a sketch of it in case someday it might mean something, but I have had a few dreams that have come to pass before. I thought it was worth sharing. Please feel free to share your insights.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-15 6:58:05

    KDC – This magnificent animal has been injured but still survives, which may be why it is paraded through the streets. It probably represents your own instinctive strength that has been injured and yet you have survived. But to understand your dream you may need to read http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/clicking-on/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson



      -KDC 2014-07-19 6:00:25

      Thank you so much, Tony! That is a very interesting way of seeing it, being the object in the dream (well, I guess that might explain migraines…hee hee). I have had some life experiences that would definitely relate to what you suggested and I feel like I have been coming out on top (or at least getting closer along the way, or even “carried” by something or someone).
      Also, on the side, I’ve been listening to songs which actually contained lions, and wasn’t really thinking about that before… One was “Can’t Tame the Lion” (Journey), and then “God’s Not Dead (Roaring Like a Lion)” (David Crowder, I think) and I love drawing them often. :) Anyway, thank you for your insight, I think it makes a lot of sense.


-KDC 2014-09-16 4:31:01

Wow, I think I was a bit bubbly on that last comment, must have been an energetic day but who knows… :) Well you have great insight anyway. Migraine article was very helpful too. Blessings!


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