If cream from milk, it suggests the best of life, luxury, special treatment, affection, or even feelings of indulgence. It is sometimes used in a dream to suggest allowing oneself pleasure, and that might be in a relationship, in sex.

Example: A woman throws herself over the cliff to where the beasties are. One breaks her neck, the other lives. She’s a floozy and she wants the beasties, who are also gay men, to make her. One guy is chosen to do it as “punishment,” to cream her pussy. He has white makeup on and is very French and gay. Meanwhile, a man comes through the window and sits with us. He wants Tyler. to teach for him. Tyler introduces me and says I’m an excellent teacher as well. He looks me over. He might be interested.

Cream may be linked with dieting, and depict the conflict between sensory and passing pleasure such as ice cream or cream, and your desire to move toward greater health or weight loss.

Ice cream, especially for young people, often has the association of being with friends, sociability and sharing relaxed pleasure, maybe family time. Ice cream can depict childlike desires for sweet things. Young girls especially seem to crave such things, and as adults sometimes we still return to those feelings.

Ice-cream can occasionally be word play meaning ‘I scream’. Because ice cream is frozen but sensually pleasurable, it very occasionally points to feelings that were frozen, perhaps repressed, that are now being released or melted.

If cream you use for your skin, this depends on whether it is an antiseptic or medicine, or beauty preparation. So a beauty cream would be about your feelings or worries regarding your appearance, age, etc; an antiseptic cream would connect with concerns you have about that part of your body, your self image, or health. It might suggest a healing process for instance.

Cream as a colour See: cream under colours.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this dream showing pleasure, and if so is it about pleasure with one person or several?

Am I showing signs of conflict about the cream or ice cream, and does this tell me anything about my waking feelings?

Am I expressing very young feelings in the dream?

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