This could indicate doubts, insinuations, stagnancy, vegetating, or something inhibiting your growth, depending upon the feelings in the dream. But if it is positive feelings, it could indicate processes of growth and movement. In either case it is something that is growing. The question is whether the growth is overwhelming or encroaching on other things, or whether it enhances something.

The word or image might also sometimes represent someone who is a ‘creeper’ – A person who does weird things, like stares at you while you sleep, or looks at you for hours through a window. It is also a part of a computer game – a hostile mob.

Occasionally the vine or creeper represents the spine and the flow of life up the body. If there are flowers on it, then it shows the opening of potentials. So cutting back a creeper or vine can suggest controlling or stopping urges and emotions that have been growing, perhaps even overwhelming you, such as happens sometimes in love.

In some dreams a vine or creeper links the earth with heaven or the sky. This suggests the rising spinal energy that lights up areas of the brain that are usually dormant, thus arousing altered states of consciousness. See ASC

Creepers and vines are also resilient and can cover areas, so may link with something hidden or tough. See: vine.

If it is a small creeper, then you are looking at the beginnings of something growing, a new expression of your potential for good or ill. Is it a directed activity, or a leaking of energy?

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream creeper an expression of growth or encroachment and what part is either of those playing in my present situation?

Do I connect this with my spine in any way, and is so what is emerging in my life that is a new perception or experience?

Are emotions or worries encroaching on my good feelings and smothering my ability to function well?

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