This usually denotes importance, power or authority – either as you feel it in yourself or in someone else. It can also depict rulership – what rules you or controls you – or what you have dominion over and responsibility for, but also what demands respect because of its power.

In some dreams it points to success, either desired or achieved, or realisation of expanded awareness. In the latter case it suggests self mastership in some degree, and an opening of the higher possibilities in you or the person you see it on. In Western symbolism it is the equivalent to what in the East is called the Crown Chakra – the symbol of realised personal potential, the redirected fundamental instinctive drives, leading to the opening of higher brain functions. See: Spiritual Life In Dreams.

It may also refer to your father if on the head of a man, or your mother if on the head of a woman.

Relinquishing the crown would suggest giving up power or domination, perhaps out of love or surrender.

Being crowned suggests the receiving of a new state of being, entering into a new relationship with life and others. It is also the recognition of your quality or qualities or enlightenment.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are my ruling passions or fears at the moment and how do I  relate to them?

What feelings were experienced in this dream, and what do they relate to in my life?

In the dream, what is connected with the crown, and how does that apply to me?

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