In many dreams being in the crowd shows your response to socialising. The crowd may indicate social pressure or what you feel is the common direction or response – as when we say ‘follow the crowd’. Feeling crowded out, pushed out by competition or pressure from others. A crowd can also indicate public opinion, what you feel others are feeling about you or doing to you. You might also feel anonymous in a crowd, camouflaged or lost.

A crowd in a dream may mean it is an important dream. This is because it involves many aspects of your nature, many parts of yourself. This is especially so when the crowd is in an arena, a theatre or a public event.

Lost in a crowd: Feeling without personal direction; confusion on meeting many opinions; desire not to stand out, or swayed by general opinions.

Attacked by crowd: Fear of public opinion or response to you; feeling your own anger or irrational urges as threatening.

Talking to, leading, or part of crowd at a central event: An impulse or idea which unifies many parts of your nature – as the many aspects of our own being, such as visual impressions; sensuality; thoughts; musical sense; religious feelings; sexual drive; intuition; fear; ambition; hunger; our desire for acclaim; the sadist in us and so on, constitute a crowd.

How we relate to the crowd: Suggests our relationship with our own inner community and the external public. Being unable to tolerate parts of oneself leads to intolerance toward external people with those traits. See: Group under people.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I happily part of the crowd or am I ill at ease – and what do my feelings indicate?

What is my relationship with the crowd, and does that reflect in any way on the way I feel about socialising?

Am I a follower or leader in this dream?

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-bobette 2016-04-14 1:16:53

What does it mean if I push through a crowd, looking for someone in particular?

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