This often indicates the way we ‘bottle up’ our emotions, and drives such as ambition or sex. There is often tremendous power or energy waiting to be used or directed in the dream of a dam. So it can depict the controlled release of such physical, emotional, mental and sexual energy.

The dam can show not just how you restrict, hold back or repress energy, but also how you direct or conserve it. The following dream shows another aspect of this.

Example: My boyfriend and I were at a local beach. I had been there before but he hadn’t. It was at a dam situated just up from the beach. I was floating in the air about ten feet above him, and he was dead. He had drowned. Since I had this dream we have broken-up. I still love him very much. T.H.

The dam here suggests the boyfriend was holding back his feelings, and so was shown as dead, drowned in his emotions that he kept dammed.

Building a dam shows you developing ways to control the way your emotions or sexual feelings express.

A dam bursting is an indication you either feel threatened that your emotions or sexual needs will overwhelm you, that you have no control over your feelings, or that you are experiencing tremendous release from repression or tension. See: river.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this dream about holding back or releasing?

In what ways do I restrict or release my feelings and sexuality?

Am I holding back my flow o feelings and energy?

Is this about what I sense in someone else?

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