Degenerate Degenerating

There is a feeling of sliding back, of not living up to what you hope and desire. It occasionally refers to some process in the body that needs caring for, or is degenerating through misuse or misunderstanding. Sometimes refers to ageing, or the prelude to a rebirth where degeneration heightens prior to regeneration.

Parts of our nature, through lack of self worth or feelings of guilt, often prompt us to do things or live in ways that slide right back from our best. This might be indicated by someone or something that is degenerate or degenerating. Our beliefs can also degenerate and this can lead to conditions of uncertainty or feelings of lostness or even apathy.

In dreams we can often dream of a degenerate alcoholic or a degenerate woman, and these can sometimes point to things that are not admitted by the dreamer. For instance a man who constantly irritates people by his holy than you attitude might dream of the alcoholic passedout in a street, in order to aid him to balance his opinion of himself. The man dreaming of a degenerate woman, in a similat way, might be helped to see that his female self is not a nice person and needs some work being done on his nature.

Also degeneration is part of our natural processes, as in our digestive system, and the decay and eath of thousand of cells each day. We die to be born again; and because of this it represents life as well as death, growth and renewal, as well as degeneration and decomposition. So it can in fact be a way of perfect union, balance, equality and atonement of the different parts of our being.

Our culture, government and our way of life can also sometimes be seen as degenerate or degenerating. Things that do not have a good foundation, things that are degenerate, diseased or weak, do in a way shake themselves to bits through their own internal energy because of the energy playing upon it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way is the dream showing degeneration?

Do I feel or see any signs of this in myself?

Is it parts of my nature or body that are shown as degenerate in the dream?

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