Frustration. Putting things off. Unwillingness to make a decision, or confront or acknowledge that which is symbolised in dream.

But delay can point to delayed development, delay in speaking to someome, delau in getting on with what you intended, with a relationship, with life.

It might link with an unexpected delay in some area of your life, with frustration or irritation, or even lack of energy to move or be sexual.

The end of the world was only delayed by the efforts of the devout in some religious beliefs. Peoples living in the uncertainty of seasonal changes and unreliable harvests, may have expressed their deep fears and hopes through such rituals and beliefs.

Example: I dream that once at the doctor’s, after some delay, I am given the serum for the snake bite after first being ‘branded’ with some initials – imprinted on my arm, supposedly so they will immediately know what killed me  if I die which is very likely!

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this indicate that I have been putting things off?

Am I have difficulty making a decision about something?

Is there something important I should be remembering about a situation?

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