A release of emotions that you feel as overwhelming, as might be experienced in breakdown or shock. The deluge is also often a sign of release and a cleaning of withheld emotions or problems. As such it probably signifies a time of change, usually brought about spontaneously rather than by your conscious acts. Defenses you have used to prevent this are washed away. In fact any emotional pain felt in connection with this may be a struggle between your will and the forces of nature within you. See: Water.

Dreams about water, rain, floods, deluges sometimes indicate situations of the mucous or excessive water in the body. In such cases it might be wise to take less salt, and more brweres yeast tablets and vitamin C, which helps the body deal with such illnesess.

As with Noah, it symbolises in some dreams a cleansing of mind and body.

In some cases one can have a deluge of raging emotions – or in a dream a deluge might indicate that.

Example: I see to my left a picture flash, like a vision, of ocean water or some sort of rushing water coming from a distance. A deluge? Earthquake? Terrible storms? All I know is that some natural calamity of terrible magnitude is coming and will wipe out the people. It is coming much sooner than anticipated and it is almost upon us. Many people will die and they don’t even realise what is coming.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the deluge doing in my dream?

Was I involved or  just a witness to it?

Did I feel any feelings, fear, hope?

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