A quiet retreat within yourself. A way you have found of creating inner quiet. Female sexual organs. Sometimes the dell is shown as a magical place where you are in touch with the usually hidden life beyond your usual senses.

The part of yourself that is not unconscious but out of the way of general awareness, and so hidden attitudes or desires can take place there. It can also be the place the refuse of your life gathers.

Example Dreamt that there was a green and beautiful place on top of the world. It had crags and cliffs and vales and hills, and all was covered with bright green grass and moss. In a deep dell, more green and beautiful than the rest of the place, a young girl met a young man, and married him; for what reason I cannot tell, except perhaps that the place was beautiful. Now the young man was an alien from another planet, but he did not tell the young girl in case she would not marry him.

‘As time passed the young girl and man drifted apart and slept in separate rooms, still on top of the world, and the young girl grew to hate the young man, although he seemed unaware of it and quite content.

‘This then was their state when I arrived. I immediately leapt and skipped over the hills to the place where they had met, but found it no different in appearance to the rest of the hills: no more beautiful, no less. I then went to see the young man and talked to him. I explained to him the feelings of the young girl, and that it was because she did not understand him that she felt the way she did. Whereupon he immediately went to her and confessed to being an alien, and she accepted him as he was. Then they grew together again and slept in beds side by side and peace filled their nights and beautiful children one after the other were born to the young girl. And the young man was surprised and amazed beyond his comprehension.’

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is taking place in the dell and what is that in my life?

Am I experiencing something that is usually out of sight here?

What magic or unusual am I finding here?

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