Parts of yourself long unused, or that you have not taken care of, or not needed, or have been used badly. Sometimes this refers to outgrown beliefs or a way of life you have left behind.

This might reflect a feeling you have about yourself, and considering that in dreams you can create any feeling or situation – that in fact you are incredibly creative – you need to ask yourself out of what beliefs or life situations you have created this feeling – why not something else?

Useful questions:

Do situations in my life lead me to feel like a derelict – if so what is holding me in that state?  Am I acting and carrying on doing and thinking things that do not work or produce satisfaction, yet carry on?

What have I outgrown and ready to tear down and start building something new?

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-Kirsty McArdle 2014-12-07 11:08:09

Thanx Tony for your site and sight in general. I always seem to resonate with your definitions more than any others and I can feel that they’re from the heart, wanting to help.
I don’t remember my dreams often and have messages visions in waking hrs but not often.
So some interpretation is important when it happens.
Thanx again
Kirsty xxx

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-07 13:08:15

    Kirsty – You are one of the lucky ones to have messages and visions while awake.

    Anyway thanks for what you have said. It warms me.


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