Descend Descending Descent

To regress into earlier, more youthful ways of looking at things, or behaviour. This may mean you are meeting the effects of a childhood hurt or betrayal. It can indicate a period of depression, or feeling low. In some dreams where there is intense fear, it can show a fear of falling or descending from favour, power or authority. Coming down to earth from a more idealistic, fanciful, or visionary viewpoint.

Things can descend on us from above, and this can be frightening if we are afraid of change and the new; but it is often something of benefit like the descent of Grace, a big bird, or even the descent from a long line of forebears. So what is it descending and what do you feel about it?

Also we can descend into the ‘underworld’, the forces of Life within us.

In most cases an ascent is like the rising sun during the day or the summer, linked completely with the descent in the evening, night, or winter. Ascent is therefore part of a spiral which also descends, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Christianity tends to speak of a one time resurrection however, whereas the ancient beliefs saw it as a continuing cycle.

Descent, going down stairs or in a lift: Getting more down to earth or practical; a return to difficulties after living in our fantasies or escapism; depression; sexual restraint; a return from meta conception. In many dreams this appears to link either with a lowering of sexual excitement, or to coming down to earth. If it is stairs there may be some anxiety about falling involved – falling in love, failing to keep balance.

Descending into cave, cellar or hole: Meeting unconscious content such as repressed fears or wisdom carried unconsciously from family or culture.; experience of womb existence.

Going down a hill: Can mean loss of status, ageing, failure or death, but is also as shown in the second example, a positive sense of life within us. The life process within us is ever aware of the experience of living. This includes birth, change and death. This sometimes refers to the ending of youth, the beginning of old age. But it also can mean losing a wider view of things, getting back to everyday life.

Something below us: As in Rita’s dream below, where there is fear, can depict past trauma which is not being faced. Literally run away from. Something we have left behind or we now feel ‘above’.

Idioms: Feel down; down and out; down in the dumps; down to earth.

Example: ‘I look down and the stairs and banister rail are swarming alive with a black moving wave of crawling things, like some awful insects; and in the hallway is a swamp with crocodiles and other hideous things. My terror is terrible and I cry out to stop dreaming this nightmare. The person who actually lived in this part of the house was the owners mother. She treated me badly but no one knew as she was artful in her abuse. She pulled me along by my hair, locked me in a cupboard, and once locked me in the orchard – four high walls and a hidden door.’ Rita.

Example: ‘Then I was climbing down a steep hill. Arriving at the foot I found rippling sparkling water. I stopped and looked around and found everything incredibly beautiful – the green fields and the pebbles in the water, the soft fresh air; then I looked up and the sky was a glorious picture, the sun so warm and the clouds fluffy and soft and pretty. I felt at peace and so happy, and thanked God with all my heart for giving us so much beauty.’ Mrs R. E.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I descending into or what was I seeing descending?

Did I feel any particular feelings?

Was it a feeling of wonder or remorse, even fear?

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-Ayad 2018-03-19 23:25:10

I had similar kind of dream..
I saw myself accompanying my cousin going for a walk in neighbouring village .When we reached a distant place i saw steep stony hill but we were supposed to descend it to reach a river just below the hill.Some local people advised us that it is impossible to descend it as it is steep and stony.I told my cousin to not to listen to them and we started descending by stones carefully hand in hand and finally reached the river safely and looked back at the top..
Please explain it for me

-Amari 2016-12-09 4:17:34

What does it mean when you see a person going down a desensing elevator that has water running down it in a dream?

-ans6746 2014-07-07 4:49:46

Hi Tony,
I had this deem of descending down again except that the staircase changed twice.
After being stone ones for sometime it all turned into something dat did not have a slope at all.Like a wall and you have to turn backwards to climb down because there are proper brackets to descend.
I would like to know properly wat different slope and types of staircases mean.
P.s:It was a school setting,I was an elder within many little kids who were following me.

-Tania 2013-05-18 3:32:48

Thanks Tony. I love your website. Only recently discovered you and now this is one of my favourite resources.

I am a vivid dreamer since childhood and dreams are my primary source of direction, guidance and renewal. I am very grateful for this gift and even more so as the years pass, it has often been my lifeline.
Thank you for so generously sharing your experience and knowledge. I now plan to start reading some of your books. Thank you and many blessings. Tania

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