Fate, chance, luck, or a gamble. There might be a suggestion here that you are ready to take chances, or that you are gambling a situation on spontaneous events rather than planning.

Sometimes people might use dice to make a decision – high number yes, low no.

Example: At the shopping center they are selling trick stuff – magic – false poop, that sort of thing and there is gambling – dice are thrown and the crowd shifts with the throw of the dice as if to see it better or to make it look as if they are really not participating in this gambling. The young man seems fascinated and seems to fall further and further behind me in the crowd of people that is here.

Idioms: The die is cast; it’s in the dice; no dice.

Useful questions and hints:

What am I taking a chance on?

Do the dice in the dream represent chance or luck or even a decision?

Is there a win or lose situation in my life?

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