Memories; insights into yourself; looking within and discovering things you might not otherwise know, remember, not otherwise know or have forgotten.

Also a diary or journal can also be a wonderful way of seeing how the future developed out of thoughts, failures and decisions taken years before. Maybe even an exposure of your secrets.

A diary can also be a trail, a pathway taken by a beautiful mind and its investigation into life, oneself or even the universe.

Example: I say haughtily, “I’ll read my diary, if he was there, it will be in my diary.” I realize my diary and journal could be an embarrassment to me if people read it. I walk past a field of corn, touching the plants as I walk by.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I keep a diary, what do I associate with it – what of me is in it?

Do I find insights or understanding in the diary – is so what?

What of myself or my past are revealed?

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