The direction you are heading in the dream, and the atmosphere or conditions surrounding the direction, suggest your intuitive summary of where you are going in life, and whether it will be profitable or difficult. So a direction into a storm for instance speaks of difficulties ahead. A road that takes you up a mountain could mean hard going, but leading to wider vistas, a more inclusive view of yourself and your life.

What you meet in the direction you are taking shows what you intuitively feel is in front of you if you continue in the way you are living. But it is important to remember that exactly as in life the future shifts as you change direction – the road ahead changes. So if it is a difficult direction imagine other direction and watch what you feel. See: Secrets of Power Dreaming for help with this.

If you feel uncertain of direction, while awake take time to define what you really want in life and what direction you need to go to get it. If you are happy responding to life as it comes, then lacking direction is fine.

The four major directions such as North, East, South and West also have unconscious significance, but this must depend upon whether one grew up in the northern or southern hemisphere and what associations you have with them. What is said is for the northern hemisphere, reverse it for the southern hemisphere.

North – for those born in northern hemisphere: Coldness, difficult; away from understanding, aloneness, poor climate for growth; the head.

East: Inwards; the unconscious, the mysterious wisdom of the unconscious or inner life; toward light and rebirth; understanding; the intuitive wisdom.

South – for those born in northern hemisphere: Warmth; fertility; sociability; the genitals.

West: The evening of ones life; the ending of things; new lands or territory.

Struggle between East and West: Conflict between the conscious and unconscious, between wisdom or intuition and intellect; between rules and rationality, and impulse and feeling; or perhaps between the head and the genitals.

Conflict between North and South: Struggle or indecision between what is thought- the North – and what is felt or desired – the South. The north may represent the head, and the south the genitals. This north south struggle may also be a conflict between coldness and warmth, duty and pleasure. See: east; north; south; west.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I lacking direction in a situation?

Am I allowing something beyond my control to take its course?

Is this an expression of dropping dependency and attachment?

What is ahead and behind me in the direction being taken – and can I translate that into waking experience?

Am I heading in a direction, and if so what does the imagery of the dream suggest about it?

What do I feel about having a clear direction in my life?

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