A sense of what is unclean, or of being unclean in mind or body. We have to realise however that dirt is only misplaced earth, which can form the material for growing vital things. See: Earth.

Actions or feelings that we feel are grubby or immoral. The unconscious has a natural morality based on its sense of connection with the universal principles of mating, birth, growth and death. Where our social or sexual life does not align with this or our own consciously accepted principles, we may dream of being dirty. But we also live within the moral pressure to conform to the morals and expectations of the people we share life with and the society we were raised or live in. So a sense of ‘dirtyness’ can be a reflection of that rather than any real transgression against ones own sense of rightness.

Or it can link with mental and emotional housekeeping you need to do – clear up the rubbish in your head or heart. Dirt can also suggest influences from the past, something still in our life that can be got rid of. So dirt or trash can depict past problems that have not yet been dealt with. See: Example under archetype of the beggar; corruption.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is dirty and what does that suggest?

Is the dirt on my, and if so where – look up the part of the body?

Do I need to ‘clean up my act’ in some way?

Is the dirt life giving, or vital for growth in some way?

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