Disappear Disappearance Disappearing

To forget, to lose sight of something. Or it may express a hope to be rid of that thing or person. Occasionally it can symbolise spiritual power and the magical world of the mind, where thoughts, feelings and memories constantly appear and disappear. In this case it suggests something that is manipulated or emerges from the unconscious.

Depicts the way our conscious self relates to the unconscious. Memories, emotions, abilities, or ideas suddenly appear in awareness, but can disappear just as rapidly, sometimes never to be seen again. See: vanish.

Being with a certain person or in a particular situation can bring about difficulties, problems, or positive feelings and creativity that disappear when you are not in that situation or with that person. So the dream might be showing you what attitudes or situations bring about inner changes. If you learn what ‘buttons’ people or environments press, you can work your own controls. See Avoid Being Victims

People often make things disappear by using a prayer or magic words, even holding a religious symbol. This is basically using one symbol to deny another. It is a way to change your feeling of confidence, and so changes the dream. Better to realise that all dream images are self created from what we have experienced; even the images of God and the devil are images we create. See Dreams are a reflection of your inner world

Dr. Jung also realised that the strange and mysterious phenomenon of the death of God is a psychic fact of our time. In 1937 he wrote: “I know – and here I am expressing what countless other people know – that the present time is the time of God’s disappearance and death.” For years he had observed the Christian God-image fading in his patients’ dreams-that is, in the unconscious of modern men. The loss of that image is the loss of the supreme factor that gives life a meaning.

This is probably to do with a maturing process that as a first step is at war with the old conception of God, and from there finally meets God in him/her self. In a poem, a man who searches his unconscious ends by saying, “At last I see the face of God – it is my own face”.

Example: I know I have  killed somebody and their body is walled up in the cellar. The strange thing is I haven’t a clue who this person is. The various dreams I have based on these circumstances all involve various people visiting my home and I am terrified the body will be discovered. In one of the dreams the police were actually investigating the disappearance of “the person” and went into the cellar. You can imagine how I was feeling. When I wake from this dream I always have the most terrible guilty feeling and it takes some time to remember it is a hang over from the dream.

Example: Another definite change is the disappearance of the very dark depressions which existed a year ago, causing desire to die. It seems so far away, yet it was only a year, when I wept because life felt so unbearable due to the dizziness in the head, lack of energy, and darkness in me. The death desire, the dizziness and darkness have gone.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that disappeared, and what does that associate with in my life?

If I disappeared do I wish to get away from a situation or relationship?

Is there something that was important that I have let slip away?

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-Boitumelo 2014-11-25 14:53:18

Thank you Tony for this forum.
For many years I’ve observed my dreams cluelessly as if I was watching movies in my mind. I knew that there was a divine conversation happening but I did not understand the language and it disappointed me. Slowly, surely I see that I have had understanding necessary for my life that is deeper than I was conscious of.
This is a blessed experience for me.
Thank you.

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