This has been used in dreams to represent the power of healing, of cleansing fear, or feelings of guilt and being dirty. It is sometimes linked with pain, or burning as a cleansing power. That is, the painful experiences of life have a healing power in themselves, due to the way in which they force attention to the cause of pain, and make us adjust, or let go of emotions, desires and attitudes that have caused trouble, but which we would never have let go of otherwise.

Disinfectant often appears in dreams where there is dirt or infection that creates feelings of concern.

Example: I was in my childhood house in London, about the age I am now. I wanted to go to the toilet badly and was walking from the kitchen to the back door where the toilet was. As I was nearing the toilet I could hold back no longer and shit started dropping down my legs. But as this happened I realised I had worms, and it was these worms dropping down my legs. I dashed into the garden to empty my bowels of these worms, squatting on the grass. As I did so I could see they were not tape worms but short ones like maggots. I was worried they would spread and multiply, and saw some crawl away into the grass. Then I was squatting over a drain hole in the grass and could see the worms/maggots dropping into the drain. I thought I could put disinfectant down the drain to kill them.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is being cleansed or healed in the dream?

Do I feel the need to release or cleanse difficult feelings at the moment?

Am I getting to the root of where the disinfectant needs to be used?

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