This frequently represents yourself when you were a baby, or at least, your feelings when young.

Many dreams including a doll show it being savagely beaten or injured. In this case it could show you how hurt you felt in your own childhood, or perhaps it means you are angry and need a target that will not hit back. Occasionally, in a woman’s dream it could mean you want to be cared for like a precious doll.

Many ‘doll’ dreams are, as the example, using the doll as a target for violence. This may refer to how the dreamer felt as a child when smacked or attacked emotionally – like a helpless doll.

It could also be a means of displacement for anger or feelings the dreamer would like to discharge on another. See also: toy; cuddly toy.

Example: ‘She continues to attack him and to my horror and feeling of helplessness, his head comes off. But the neck is made of some sort of material with a string hanging off it, and I realise it is a doll’s head.’ Mr R. H.

Many dolls are used to express a desire to have a baby.

Dolls can also express the way we feel about the past, or represent different people – Mum and Dad, brother or sister. We use them to act out or experience things we might not be able to do in daily life. Using a doll in the dream frees us from any guilt we might feel if we really expressed our real feelings.

Example: And then last night, I dreamt that I had really long hair, which I have had, but now it is shoulder length; and then I went to put it in a braid because it was all in the way, and easily tangled. Instead I cut it all off, unevenly… I looked like a bald Barbie doll, varying lengths of pieces sticking every which way, and a shiny bald spot on the front. But I wasn’t upset, just a bit confused why I cut it off, because I liked it long.

In the above dream the person had recently gone through a massive transformation and the dream shows her uncertainty of how she sees or feels about herself.

Sometime a desire to return to wonderful days of childhood or a part of you that needs to be brought to life.

Example: In answer to this rather truculent question the patient flared up. “You fool, how do you think I can give it to myself? Can I go back and make my parents rich? Can I take back the doll my sister stole; can I go to school without those awful holes in my dresses—ashamed, ashamed of everything I had and was? Oh, God, oh, God, it’s frozen in time, like a fly buried in amber, and nothing can ever change it. As long as I live that little girl will go on wearing her coat to hide her dresses. As long as I live that hateful woman will always be turning away, cold and disapproving. Nothing can save that girl, nothing!”—and now she ‘was sobbing quietly for the past she could not change.

The rupture between the patient’s ideal of herself and the facts that shattered it was eventually healed, but her dilemma points up a fact that all of us face. Reality can seldom be bent to our dreams for ourselves, either the reasonable ones or the unreasonable ones that could never possibly be achieved. Our hopes are too big for it. Every life bears its residue of unfulfilled dreams, and every parent looks to his children to satisfy them. See Opening to Life

Example: I noticed a large rag doll on the floor. I seemed to know the doll belonged to Joan, and was unconsciously used as a substitute for her deep longing for a son. I held out my hand to the doll, with love, and it came alive and crawled to me. It came to me as a lonely child might come into ones arms hungering for love. I held it close to me, and Joan came over and I held her too. Then all barriers seemed to melt, and everything disappeared from view. All that existed was I as a united being and consciousness. It was, I think, beautiful. I used the word think, because I find it difficult to describe the experience. We melted into each other beyond the sense of being separated by the surface of ones skin If one literally entered during sexual intercourse, and melted together like drops of water uniting, this is how it would be.


Useful questions and hints:

In my dream what feelings are there connected with the doll?

In what way is the doll being handled or used.

What does the condition of the doll express?

See Every 7 Years You ChangeSecrets of Power DreamingAutonomous Complex


-Mayra 2016-01-11 18:33:03

Hi my dream: I was at my friend Geoff house. There was this woman, him and I. This woman had black hair and her skin pale, like I am in real life. She was wearing this white dress that look like she had made herself out of a white sheet or something and she had put a black belt around her waist. She look at me with angry and him with discomfort. He took out a rag doll that was very tall and color grey, that is the doll face seem grey in color and the eyes like little tiny star eyes, like the ones I use to draw when I was a child. Well the doll was completely color grey as I held it up high since it was so tall and did not want it to get dirty or something ( I am not sure if the doll was really grey or if it was dark in the room and this is how the doll color look to me)As I kept looking at the dolls eyes I felt the eyes could be better, like I could put in some blue eyes or eyes that look more real so I took out the eyes of the doll. But before I could finish putting the new eyes on the doll, he took the doll and became aware that I had taken the eyes out of the doll. He look hurt and as I tried to explain that she would look better with the new eyes. The words that came out of my mouth first was does it look better that way and which he look at me disturbed. The other woman who had been looking at the whole thing, got even more angry and said forget this I had enough I am out of here for good, and when on her way. He was very hurt that the dolls eyes where out and kept holding it and tried to protect the doll from me. I was trying to explain what my intensions where and try to get closed to him and kept saying I will make it better let me fix it. He said is okay you don’t need to in a polite way as to not to hurt me while looking away as so I would not see that I had hurt him. My dream change and I found my self in school (to clarified , I am still in school, so is not me going to the past but going back to school after vacations) My teacher, who in my was the same teacher I had for last semester, final was for us to look at short films and tried to identified dolls that show the message behind the short dream. The first was answer by a asian male student and the teacher was happy that he got it right, and was allow to leave. The next film I did not see because while seeing what I had explain about the student, my attention had stop and I had miss the that short film so I ask one of my fellow students what we where looking for, and she said oh it was about a woman who was in denial so I guess we are looking for the doll that is in denial, and two asian girls on the bottom row in the classroom thought they gotten the right doll but it was debated but the teacher and finally she decided to give partial credit to that doll and we continue to look for the right doll on a set of different pictures of dolls we had on our test paper.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-18 11:17:48

    Dear Mayra – What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and – is that you are exploring a part of your inner world. . We all have an inner world that is quite distinct from the outer world we encounter with our physical senses. It is the world we meet when we have an emotional reaction, an idea, or close our eyes and live in our fantasies, imagination or dreams.
    It is also a world of beliefs and habits that are still unconscious; that you are not aware of yet.
    All the images in your dream are projections from your inner world onto the screen of your sleeping mind. Your dreams are like thoughts, they do not deal with the dreamed of people or things. But they do deal with the reality of your own inner life.
    In order to explore this inner world you can use “Being Geoff”, “Being the woman with black hair”, “Being the doll with eyes and without eyes” etc.
    By doing this you will get a direct experience while awake of the part of you that feels angry and prefers to cover-up the pain or look away; you will experience the part of you that is in denial about what happened to you, the part that is in pain etc.
    Being back in school watching films shows how you are learning to look at what happened to you in the past and you become aware how you have learned to deny/look away at what happened in order to survive what must have been a difficult childhood.
    While it served a purpose to use this attitude of denial/repression when you were a child, your dream shows that now it serves a purpose to look at it, so that you can digest it and release it - – so that your inner child will not influence your life in a negative way anymore. There are many ways in which an inner child can do that.
    It might for instance be responsible for the arising in your daily life of inappropriate responses to situations. In a warm and loving relationship you experience only pain instead of pleasure; you feel terror that your partner will abandon you; you hit out emotionally or even physically at the person who is actually closest to you; you withdraw from the world or lack any motivation to be a part of society or be in contact with others; you feel enormous longing to find love, but it never seems to be there when you relate to someone.
    Those are signs of the undealt with emotions and pains of childhood, but there are many others.
    If you can relate to this in any way, you can understand the importance of moving away from resistance/denial;
    Let me know if you have any questions so far Mayra.
    Anna 🙂

-shadow 2015-12-08 5:55:14

I had a dream that I had this baby boy baby doll…only it was like a real baby….I fed it and cuddled with it. It was like my own baby. I was the same age as I am now in my dream which is 23. It was a boy baby but I dressed it in a girls outfit. I would put the baby down to go make it food and when I came back it would be trying to crawl. Idk what this dream means…also in my dream I asked my sister what did I name the baby and she said arora. Aparently it was a bad name in my dream because I became scared I thought the baby was gonna be evil…can someone tell me what this dream means??

-Jessica 2015-11-29 5:11:32

My partner had a nightmare about a doll. The priest told him to count to 5 then the dolls head would spin and if stopped and looked you in the eyes you would become possessed or something bad woman. The doll was buried with someone who did black magic.

-Stephany 2015-11-07 16:01:48

Ive been having this type of dream for years i had stoped having it but it came back again last night where chucky is in my house and hes trying to attack me and i just grab him and try hitting him but everytime i try to hit him my hands weaken to the point the he gets away and run into the living room and i chase him and he hides under the couch and i try throwing things under the couch to hit him but i cant i try to hit him while hes under the couch but just as soon as my hand gets close to him it weakens and then i woke up. Other times ive had this dream chucky had a nife and other things were different like in some my family would be involved i remember when i was 8 i would still have dreams about Chucky but i would be to scared to hit him i would run away and hide after all theses years i think this dream means something but i have yet to find an answer

-Mia 2015-10-10 9:06:40

In my dream i saw how i crafted three woolen dolls for three girls. I chose the fabrics for their dresses. When i had finished the dolls, I was a bit worried that I made the dolls bodies too fragile, the head was made of wool and I hadnt covered it with cloth so it was like a tender flowerbud swaying about on its body.

-Cate 2015-09-27 1:03:32

I had a dream that I was back home and received a package in the post from my old neighbor. It was very large and inside was a box full of dollhouse dolls much like ones that I had as a child, but I knew that these ones were for my son. There was also homegrown vegetables from their garden that they put in the box for us. There was broccoli and two large yellow squash. I knew the package had come from overseas and wondered how the veggies mangaged to stay fresh.

-Crazy Dreamer 2015-09-22 19:49:06

I had a dream last night about one of my childhood dolls. It was hanging on a long wooden peg sticking off the wall. I was in bed near it. I looked at it. It kept looking at me and moving its head. I was screaming a song from church at the doll. I was afraid.
Awhile later I had a dream I was running through a house with several rooms in a row. I was scared so I was turning on all the tv’s. I also tried to turn on lights that would not work.
I had these two dreams in the same night. As a child I would have night terrors. But after being married for a couple of years they stopped.

-Mandy 2015-08-13 13:46:44

Dozens of dolls, sitting on the roof of my childhood home.
It was night. As I stared at the dolls, I noticed some would move their heads, and make facial expressions. This creeped me out. I run back in the house and tell my dad…and he gives me some name for what that is when they move (like its a scientific normalcy)…and I’m like….but they’re facial expressions were so real!
Creepy, just creepy.
My mom collected dolls, until they all burned in a house fire four years ago.

-Anna 2015-07-23 18:05:10

I had a dream that there were two dolls, one was old, dirty, and had tangled hair that was laying in a house unfamiliar to me, but for whatever reason, all my good friends were with me and the house was clearly haunted. The other doll, however, was new and pretty and I had it in my hands when we walked inside. We get to a particular room and decide we should somehow bind the two dolls with some sort of spell. Once the dolls become one, we all hear a cry in the house and the doll looks brand new, but not necessarily as pretty as the one I had brought in. Specifically, I remember a crack of thunder once the dolls were one and it started to pour outside. It has an obvious cunning look on it’s face and I remember feeling frightened at first. And after more exploring through the haunted house, the doll comes to life and weird paranormal things begin to happen and more cries in the house. Naturally, most of us are panicking while I’m mainly just looking at the doll as it runs off to cause trouble, I knew I was in a dream at that point, so I’m not quite as scared of it as all my friends are in the dream. It was like the doll had become chucky, which I thought was weird because I have never seen any of the chucky movies, and even then, most scary movies don’t bother me and most definitely don’t haunt me in my sleep. I woke up shortly after the doll ran off and starts to make it known we should leave. I really have no idea what this dream meant at all and most of the symbols(doll, ghosts, etc.) I’ve looked up for this dream, still don’t necessarily explain anything to me. I think the events make this dream a little bit too unique for me to figure out what my mind may be telling me. If anyone has any idea, that’d be awesome because I had it two nights ago and I’m still investigating.

-Maribeth 2015-04-06 4:29:57

Husband and I are escaping a hectic place in a cage like car ( a mix between Flintstones and the stretch cage at the gym) I have trouble pulling out at first but then I manage it. I feel lost and start down the road and I see a old dilapidated creepy white house. I know that nightmare. I refuse to go into the house so I turn the car around. I but at the end of that road is the same house.Again I refuse. I have that nightmare a lot and I don’t want that nightmare. I go into a different direction and we end up in water, and so I gather my three babies, even though I knew they were dolls but at the same time they were my babies. I gather them to me in my dress to protect them as we all float in the water. I feel safer because at least we’re not at the scary 2 story white house. The water is actually pretty. But then it’s higher than it should be. But then there a lot of baby dolls in the water. I only grab our three babies from the water because I knew we can’t save them all. But then the water is higher and suddenly there are babies everywhere in the water and husband’s gone. I can’t recognize which babies are our and I grab the ones I think I recognize but I can’t be sure so I say screw it I want to save them all and I start grabbing all of the baby dolls putting them into the skirt of my dress and calling for husband to help, but he’s still not there. I have lots of baby dolls gathered but the entire lake is filled with baby dolls. Another woman is gathering in the distance and what looks to be guards are watching us and demanding(I don’t remember what), and the sun is setting on the water that’s so smooth it’s glass water but all the baby dolls are still everywhere. All kind and styles, shapes and sizes. Polly pockets, barbies, generic babies, Strawberry shortcake completely stuffed, plastic babies, funny looking not so pretty ones, etc…Woke up then. Scared wanting to get all of my babies(but the babies/dolls in the dream, no fear for my real children). My apologies for any typos, it’s 12:30ish am, just had the nightmare. Very tired, not wearing glasses and want to know if anyone has any suggestions of what this dream might mean? Please? I’m a wife, 4 kids(1 6 wks old), happily married. Decent life.

    -Anna 2015-04-06 5:53:27

    Dear Maribeth – I know that it is rather difficult to admit that although our waking life may be perceived as decent, our inner life is a bit of a mess. The good thing is that when you start cleaning up inside, your recurring nightmare dreams will change.
    Avoiding something – like entering an old dilapidated creepy white house – is like trying to get away from something within yourself, your own emotions or sexuality for instance, so not meeting problems in a way that will resolve them. This can indicate anxiety about what you are avoiding to enter. It might be old painful experiences or feelings of guilt.
    It is important to be aware that every image and person in your dreams is an expression of your own life process. As such it is alive and intelligent and is something sent to help you. A dream is like a projection from a movie projector, except that you are the projector.

    Everything you see as outside you is coming from you, your emotions, your fears, your beliefs, your joys and explorations and are all you, clothed in the dream images and drama. So when you dream of someone (or something like a doll or a house) you should not feel you are dreaming about that actual person. As with most dreams, the person in the dream is not the person themselves, but is a collection of memories, associations and feelings about him or her.
    I see these symbols: “All kind and styles, shapes and sizes. Polly pockets, Barbie’s, generic babies, Strawberry shortcake completely stuffed, plastic babies, funny looking not so pretty ones, etc…” as an expression of your passing and changing feelings you are moved by, rather than be moved by inner purpose.
    A passing feeling is for instance fear – “I know that nightmare” – a lack of inner purpose is reflected by this decision – “I refuse to go into the house so I turn the car around.”
    I think you can make a start with the feature “the house in your dream”, which will help you to take a first look at the house by asking you questions so you can open up or enter those areas of your mind you have been avoiding to look at and/or enter until now.
    “I have that nightmare a lot and I don’t want that nightmare.”
    Please also read
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

    -Maribeth 2015-04-07 5:57:55

    Thank you for replying Anna. The white house I’ve gone in a few times. I just hate the blasted thing, Bad things always happen there. The house is generally falling apart while something scary, sometimes a zombie, sometimes a skeleton, sometimes a serial killer, etc.. chases me. Since I don’t like nightmares and I know what’s coming I try to avoid it. I am aware in many of my dreams and can manipulate to varying degrees the outcome. The problem with nightmares once they get out of control…I can’t control them anymore and it always end with me trying desperately to get my body to make some sort of noise so my husband will wake me up from the bad dream but I have yet to figure out how to force myself to wake up or make enough noise to be woken up while still in a dream. Well not true…if I try long enough and hard enough I can finally push past the heaviness of sleep and wake myself. But it is very hard and not fast enough. Anyway, I’m back again as the baby dolls decided to show up again in this dream.

    I’m leaving out of a place, a house I think. Neutral vibes but then I get to this door, front opaque glass gold trimmed door, and I know there’s something wrong with it but I open it anyway to get out and there are baby dolls. I gather the two baby dolls, and open an identical door that was behind that one. and there are another cpl dolls attached to another identical door behind that one. In the background a sing songy voice is singing I’m going to love you anyways, talking to each set of dolls. I keep openeing doors and gathering more babydolls, but I know this is a dream as I recognise the dolls being apart of last nights dream, but I begin to see something through the door. I knew it was going to get bad, I turn back to look over my shoulder and at the other end of the hallway is identical doors. Gold trim, opaque glass just like the ones in front me, I turn more doors, now out of desperation because I know whatever is taking shape is about to be and I look over my shoulder to go for the other door, I open the other door to more doors, the world starts going topsy turvy around me, the sing songy voice continues, I turn to go back to the other end of the hallway and there is a hexenbeast(off the show Grimm and I have not seen that show in a week) looking ghoul clown. I KNOW this is a bad dream and I refuse the dream. I try to control the dream. I know I can control the dream if I try hard enough. I’ve done it before. I refuse fear. I grab the ghoul clown as he grabs me and I’m battling for control with it. It’s talking trying to force me into the dream but I still fight for control. I know I’m losing so I try to change the clown into something good and not scary, but it doesn’t work but instead suddenly I’m having sex with the ghoul clown so I guess in a twisted way it worked because it wasn’t trying to kill me anymore, I then woke up.

    I do understand what you’re saying about the lack of inner purpose and I’m trying to change that, so I could see how that could be a part of it…but what’s with the blasted dolls? I can handle the doors, the running for my life, even the crazy nookie with clown ghoul guy(kinda ticked me off his trying to scare me and I did kind of win by making him not attempting to murder me anymore)…but the dolls are creeping me out.

      -Anna 2015-04-07 8:32:23

      Maribeth – I feel it is a wise decision to enter your dreams again after you wake up and explore all the symbols that are part of your inner world.
      As you must have realised by now, it is not helpful to manipulate your dreams the way you do, for it merely leads to avoiding these parts of your inner world which ask to be met and released or integrated.
      Although the dream process attempts to release difficult emotions, trauma and past experience, most people have inbuilt mechanisms which prevent this spontaneous healing activity. It is natural to pull our hand away from a hot surface because of the pain. We do this ‘without thinking’, unconsciously in fact. Similarly we unconsciously pull away from any painful or frightening emotions, even though it may be in our best interests to release or integrate them.
      Also, the running for your life in your dreams is another way of expressing that you do not meet your inner problems in a way that will resolve them.
      And so I suggest you look up in the dream dictionary every symbol you wrote about in your two comments, so you will get an idea of WHAT you are meeting in your dreams, which will help you overcome your fear for it and your fear for the unknown. You can use the search option in “the grey area” at the right side of the page. You will be surprised how much you can learn about yourself and your inner world when you read through features like zombie, skeleton, door, running, chasing etc.
      Then, with this new knowledge, explore your dreams while awake using
      With this new approach you will move from trying to change the lack of inner purpose towards actually changing it.
      Good Luck!
      Anna 🙂

      -Anna 2015-04-07 16:07:50

      Maribeth – Tony has published his book LUCID DREAMING on the website for free today.
      Since you wrote: “I am aware in many of my dreams and can manipulate to varying degrees the outcome”, perhaps this book can help you become more creative in your dreams?
      Like most other things, lucid dreaming is a learning process. To arrive at your creative power you may need to deal with the feelings or fears that prevent you being at your best in waking life. Unfortunately, some dreamers avoid this, as Alan describes: In many of my dreams I become aware that I am dreaming. Also, if anything unpleasant threatens me in the dream, I get away from it by waking myself.

      Bearing in mind that suppressed grief and strained emotions are connected with a higher incidence of physical and mental illness, this is not a healthy way of dealing with your fears and emotions. However, there are ways of transforming them.
      You can continue reading here
      Anna 🙂

-Blane 2015-03-05 15:30:24

I had a dream of a doll head that would keep coming back to me. Like I tried to get rid of it, burn it, throw it away and even lock it up. Everywhere I went it would be there in my dream. The doll head would change people if they looked into its eyes. Like they wouldn’t be them selves or like something taking over their body and mind. The doll head had black marker covering its eyes and stitches as a mouth and no hair.

    -Anna 2015-03-09 7:47:42

    Blane – Your dream helps you to become aware that your approach is not helpful, for you cannot get rid of the unhealed parts of yourself; you have to look at them.
    Head without a body: This might mean you are not in touch with your physical and sexual needs, or it could mean you feel like a ‘nobody’.

    I see the fear you have in your dream – The doll head would change people if they looked into its eyes – as a fear for change and growth.
    Please see
    So perhaps you can carry the dream forward and put the head back on the doll’s body?
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

      -Jack Vernian 2015-03-18 18:39:26

      hello there, Anna. I’ve just had a dream about walking down the street and stopping to look at the doll in the nearest shop, standing on the showcase at about my eye level. Doll was Barbie type. There were 2 dolls actually, one was laying in bed and had sunglasses on, the other one was standing vertically and looking at me. Both dolls wore blue dresses, reminding me a lot of my love Olya. And it had black hair as well. Also, a small detail, probably unimportant, but the doll that was standing vertically had it’s panties, a bit oversized, pulled down just above knees. Note, they were oversized. What I felt was probably nostalgia and sadness, I missed her but she was behind the glass and there was nothing I could do. It also felt like this doll was somewhat mocking me… i don’t know. I simply after standing for a while moved on because of the pain, withdrawed from this showcase and got back into the crowd. Note, me and Olya are long distance. it probably sums up everything and simply means that I miss her and feel hurt by her absence… But If I’m wrong please add ideas so I can really think about it.

-Candice 2015-02-12 21:48:40

I am currently engaged to the love of my life. however last night I had a dream where I was in the hospital and had a c section. in my dream I was very confused. The baby seemed real at times and then it didnt. after I left the hospital I took the baby over to my ex boyfriends houae and when his mom aswered the door and I told her that this was her sons child she looked at my baby and even held my baby and then showed me pics of his other children and said my baby looked nothing like his other kids. Which by the way he only has one child and is only 2 months old and there is no way I couldve been prego by him anyway.. period. She handed my baby back to me and it still seemed real. Then I started feeling my babies legs as I was carrying it to the car. My babies legs were hard. I opened the blanket to find a baby doll unclothes with a soft white bodice and plastic arms legs and head. Mind you I fed the baby in my dream.. however I dont remeber chaning a diaper therefore I dont even know what sex my baby was. I do have problems conceiving and I went to the gyno yesterday. I also have a deceased baby who was 7 months old when he passed and have had several miscarriages and I have no living children. Im lost with this dream!

-Eva K 2015-01-26 14:31:02

I dreamt a few nights ago about a girl who got turned into a doll. She did it to herself, she had done something horrible and was to go to hell because of it. She asked her mother not to tell her younger sister, and to act like she was still alive. What I remember most about the dream is her just standing there, staring at me. She had straight black hair with bangs across her face. She had abnormally large, yellow eyes. She wore a light green dress that looked like an oversized tanktop. She looked kind of grotesque, her skin was a pallid blue-green, and there was a crack on her face. What keeps coming back to me, is she takes one of her eyes out, and sticks it in a door hinge.

My dreams are often very strange. Just thought I would share!

-MJ 2014-12-24 1:36:54

Last night I dreamt that as I was in my bed sleeping in the darkness, a babydoll started coming at me. I noticed there was a railing over my bed – like a crib. Then suddenly it was gone, and the baby was attacking me. I woke up kicking at it.

-Reina 2014-05-28 17:42:15

I had a dream the night my mom payed for my AG doll and I dreamt that she was a mini, and there was another doll who was not an AG doll cuz he was a boy and his eyes and mouth were wide open with a grim, scary smile that a clown would make, I got so scared I cried so my mom had to stictch his mouth shut while I was away…And the two dolls were then stitched together, legs stripped off!

    -Atanileksis 2014-12-14 1:40:51

    In my dream somebody was screaming for help. Nobody helped her, so i went there to see what is going on. At last i found the screamer. She was a doll. And i was like “oh what the, a doll, oh come on! She looks fine anyways..”

    I left the doll behind me because i was in a kind of hurry to go back, because i left keyes hanging from the door’s lock.

    The doll started following. And i knew she wanted to use me somehow. She had evil aura.
    Well i had enough when she came over the locked fence’s gate, still after me. So i turned back and started stabbing her with a hook.

    The doll tried avoid my hits. But soon she was in a pretty bad shape, after i did few critical bullseyes. Yeah! I though she was dying. But naw. The doll turned into worm-like-thing and attacked me. She had a mad skill to regenerate after she ate a bug from the ground.

    I wanted to wake up. So she win i think. Sadly a second before i woke, i had a nice idea that i was wielding 3 huge knives instead of the hook. And chopping her in to tiny tiny pieces. Like i would chop a garlic.

    I think i won’t forget the way how she was yelling for help. Breaking her voice.. Nobody else helped her.. Jeez. And maybe that doll symbols me when i was younger. This not nice. Im confused now.

    Well my life’s been maybe little tuff, and i still choose the hardest methods to live. And am not very emotional anymore because all the sad stuff i’ve had.
    Sorry, english isn’t my 1st language.

      -Tony Crisp 2014-12-14 10:15:26

      Atanileksis – Yes the doll is almost certainly your child memories that needs and is crying out for help. You attempts to kill her will never work because she is you and you are only causing yourself more pain. See

      I would suggest you take that doll and hold her lovingly until she becomes a living child. Of course it might wake your emotions again. You might think it is painful and you don’t want any more pain, but if you handle it well you will pass through it realising you have a new skill. It is better than the half life you live with its buried pain within you screaming out for help. See


        -Atanileksis 2015-07-13 2:47:13

        Hello again and thank you for the answers Tony! I noticed the message earlier, half year ago.. or something, but yeah. Better say thanks later than never.

        I was googling now about ‘little girl in dream meanings’ but somehow came back here, and did read the text again you wrote. You told something that it’s maybe better act before the doll becomes living child. Or that’s how i understood.
        Well she is a young girl now. And she is pretty much as powerful as i am in my dreams.

        I can create clouds, skip in time, go through walls, make people act as i want.. blabla. Actually i can create pretty much all i want in my dreams, but still can’t manipulate all of my fears everytime. And now, this girl is somehow unique so i can’t change her like a drawing.

        I’m happy this girl is my friend now. In the first dream we met i knew she is very powerful little girl with long black hair. She built the whole atmosphere of the dream. That dream was about to turn into nightmare in many times, but i survived all the challenges. We ended up staring each other. And the dream ended.

        What this girl could possibly be? She is like a visiting ghost in my dreams. Maybe some reflection i should try to fix? Or could that be my inner-self in it’s own shape, because i live so much in dreams?
        I think if she would be an evil person, my nights could be nightmares only. So everything’s still okey.

          -Atanileksis 2015-07-13 3:05:30

          Oh i’m sorry my bad english again, haahaa.. That’s not what you suggested to do. Your idea was beautiful. To create with love, i like that.
          Have a smooth and sunny summertime!

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