The dove is often used to depict peace or the lack of aggression. It might in some dreams point to the awareness of your potential. It can be awareness of one’s potential often felt as a religious experience. Also relatedness. See: religion and dreams

Rising and falling are used a great deal by dreams to indicate how your feelings and awareness can shift and enter expanded or contracted modes. The dove is used in this way. The descending dove can indicate a new and expanded awareness touching you. The rising dove show you reaching up with love or wonder to touch something beyond what you are at the moment.

The flow upward is the unfolding of personal awareness from the basic levels of physical sensation up through the levels of awareness such as mutual attraction in sex; absorption of something other than self as in digestion; sympathy and empathy in emotions; communication of self in speech; understanding in mental activity; transcendence in going beyond the limitations of identity with your body. The down flow is the entrance of an influence beyond the physical into your experience. The New Testament describes this in the image of the flame or light touching the head at Pentecost, of the dove descending. This touches, cleanses and enlivens the levels mentioned in the up flow.

Matthew 3:16: And Jesus, when He was baptized, went up straightway out of the water; and lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon Him; and lo a voice from heaven saying: This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Useful questions and hints:

What am I feeling about the dove?

Is there any obvious influence the dove has in the dream?

Is the dove rising or falling – and do I feel either the striving upwards or the descent of grace?

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