Down, in the sense of lying on the floor, or squatting, suggests several things depending on the context. It can be feeling without power or a loss of power. It can suggest dropping activity, resting, becoming passive and open to inner feelings and intuitions. Of course it can show rest, recuperation, an interlude from activity. See: Descent.

As can be seen from the enormous number of ways we use down in our speech (see idioms) it depends on the way the dream present it.

But things like going down in water, a cave or the earth or even your house is usually depicting getting deeper into your own nature. This may at times be felt as threatening or scary. See The Life Will


By using such things as suggested in – Secrets of Power Dreaming can help. Also use Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

If you are feeling down, see Avoid Being Victims and depression.

Idioms: turned down; slowed down; lay down your arms; look down your nose at; back down; bear down; bed down; blow me down; what it boils down to; get down to brass tacks; break down; breathe down my neck; come down on like a ton of bricks; bring the house down; buckle down; get down to business; calm down; caught with his pants down; chips are down; come down hard; down for the count; a dressing down; come down off your high horse; come down to earth; come down with; cut you down to size die down; down a peg; down and dirty; down and out; down home; down in the dumps; down in the mouth; down my throat; down on his luck; down the drain; down the garden path; down the hatch; down the road; down the tubes; down to a T; down to brass tacks; down under; down with; get me down; go down for the third time; go down on; guard is down; gun down; hand me down; hands down; hold down; hose it down/ hose it off; keep it down; knuckle down; lay down your life for; let you down; lie down on the job; look down on; nail it down; put down roots; put my foot down; run down; settle down; shut down; simmer down; slow down; step down; tone down; wash it down; wash it down; wear down.


Useful questions and hints:

Are you feeling put down run down or down and out?

Is it a new feeling or an old condition?

Does the dream show any way out or through?

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