This can represent the way of pouring out of your rubbish, difficult feelings, old spent emotions and the ‘washing up water’ – the way that you clean up your life.

If  it is a big drain and you go down it, it is a way that you enter into yourself and see that which is empted out of you and others. It can be an entrance into the world of your ancient past.

Example: Two dreams. I am in the basement of our house at Woburn Walk. There is a great drain, about a yard square, which is blocked and flooded. With a poker I unblocked it and the water flows quickly away. Now I noticed that the drain leads to an enormous sewer. My son and I go down. It is as large as big rooms, stretching away chamber after chamber. My son goes off into the sewer and I am very afraid of him being lost, as the sewers are like an immense uncharted realm, with countless turnings. I catch him and blaze a trial to give orientation. There were rats.

Now I go tentatively into the sewers. Underneath a house and a few doors up the road, I see the outlet of their sewer blocked with an old coat, perhaps an overcoat. I poke it with my poker. It could easily be dislodged, but I am hesitant as I realised a lot of foul water will pour out and down, making an awful smell. But I feel that if I stand to one side, it will pour harmlessly into the sewer.

When the dream was explored the drains were found to explain why mankind is in the present condition. The sewers were built by men thousands of years ago. They are the level of awareness at which mankind once lived. They are the ancient past. They are revealed now because you can face what they will show. Some of the things you find will be the things you have yourself left behind in the sewers. For the sewers represents a man’s sunken past. The reason they act as sewers is because in the past man acted as the means for tremendous cosmic forces to flow down into the earth. This faculty was desecrated and now what is represented as the drains acts in man as the means by which, through which, destructive thoughts, energies, are released, lest they destroy man. See sewer

Idioms: brain drain; down the drain; drain the swamp; a drain on me

Useful questions and hints:

What is happening in the dream involving a drain?

Is the drain blocked or flowing easily?

Are you emotionally troubled at the moment or feeling drained?

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-Rita Gatheright 2014-09-27 22:00:10

I saw water draining down two different openings. What is that about? the water was clear and peaceful. But my life is not.

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