Dreams are actually the most dramatic and passionate experiences any of us have. The passion of dreams is not on show for the casual observer except in nightmares. Instead they are masked in the images and characters of dreams. They are like icons on computer screens that are lifeless unless one clicks on them. That is because dreams are not thought processes that you can analyse with the rational mind. They are a living expression of Life and its processes, created in animals millions of years ago before words and human language were formed. Their communication is emotions, body language, life and death – the whole drama if life, its struggles and triumphs, its meetings with all the drama of living, fighting, loving and creating itself over and over in reproduction. See Clicking On

How do we click on the masks that dreams show us and release the wonderful passions of life and its drama? Well the first step is to realise that we associate profound and subtle feelings with everything around us and within us. We must also recognise that we have a very powerful inner life/world that is equally important as the outer world that many people give so much time to. Missing the importance of the inner world is to risk being its victim. See Inner World and Associations Working With

Example: My mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly about 7 months ago. I find myself having dreams where, in my dreams, she is lost and I find her. In my dream she is alive and I realize when I wake up she is dead. What does this mean?

She mixes up the beliefs and experience of the outer world with the inner world of dreams. She believes from her experience of the outer world that her mother once dead has disappeared and is lost. But there is no death in the inner world. For start, without arguing that there is life after death, the memories and experience she carries within her is not dead. All the skills and learning she gained from her mother, positive or negative, is alive and grows. See Programmed Dead Partner or Ex

Fortunately the inner world is wonderfully set up to clear out all the mix ups,wrong associations, traumas and infantile habits. To read about its action see Life’s Little Secrets. In it you will see there is plenty of drama in an ordinary life when we ‘click’ on our inner world.

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