Drink Drinking

This connects with your feelings of thirsting or longing. It denotes satisfaction of longings, either emotionally, physically or spiritually. It also shows you absorbing something, taking something into yourself. Most things have some effect on how you feel, so it points to a change in some way.

To absorb or take something subtle into oneself. This may be taking in feelings such as pleasure; absorbing a mood; ‘drinking in’ our surroundings.

Drinking alcohol is like poisoning and punishing yourself, and is not helpful if you wish to meditate successfully.

When connected with thirst: Suggests needs or longings being met. The dream will probably show you how successfully or otherwise you are managing to satisfy your thirst. And what are you thirsting for?

If in company with someone of the opposite sex, or a group: Taking in the pleasure or otherwise of the relationship or group. Sometimes connects with childhood emotional need. See: Alcohol.

If a ritual: Drink, being one of the fundamental physical needs, is often used in rituals. This is often about a shift in the way you feel about yourself, or a new stage of social or personal recognition.

Getting someone a drink: What is it you are giving the person and why? Is this an act of friendship or a desire to manipulate? Is it companionship or a need to be with someone? See: alcohol.

Example: It takes us sometime to find the officer and when we do he is curled up into a small ball. I pick him up and ask: “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

He nods.

“Ask him which hospital he wants to go to,” I tell T. as the dream ends. She is having trouble thinking of the names of hospitals.)

(My body also feels battered from several days of drinking. While I don’t think I need to go to the hospital, it’s as though I have been beaten internally.)

Example: My dreams have the recurring image of water, which for me usually means the ultimate spiritual place. Around the time of my divorce, I tried my hardest to get to the ocean, but in a series of dreams that went on for months, all my efforts were thwarted: in one, a storm came up, and we had to turn back; in another, I got lost. In the last dream I had before I quit drinking, I was at the beach with a lot of strangers. To get onto this particular beach, you had to leave everything behind and go down to the water’s edge with nothing–not your towels or radios or coolers or even your suit. Once in the water, you could swim just as far as you wanted and you were completely unmonitored. ‘A’.

Example: These returns to the womb of fantasy, unrealistic as they are, nevertheless are necessary and nourishing to the mind. All of us are aware of the refreshment of body and soul that satisfying sex, or a great work of art, or deep love can bestow. In these comforts the divided mind is made whole again. It drinks deep of the spring of life and, refreshed and invigorated, returns to fight the battle of reality with greater courage and strength. Quoted from LSD Psychotherapy by W. V. Caldwell

Idioms: don’t drive and drink; drink like a fish; drink up; drink you under the table; drive you to drink; hold your drinks; in the drink; spike a drink; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

Useful questions and hints:

Am I taking something in, absorbing something?

Do I long or thirst for something – if so what?

Is this alcohol, and if so what is it doing to me in the dream?

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-Suzanna 2015-08-26 14:17:35

Hi Tony
Please can you help me figure out my dream? I was visiting a healer who I know and have a lot of respect for in real life. He had two rooms at his practice. In one room were a group of older ladies sitting together around a table and in the other room was a table where myself and a couple of other people were sitting. I wanted us all to sit together but the older ladies seemed reluctant. I made everybody a drink. The drinks were fresh and colourful fruit juice with ice in. The older ladies joined myself and the others at our table and I began to hand out the drinks from a tray. One of the ladies offered to hold the tray while I served the drinks, but then another lady accidentally backed into the tray and I ended up wearing my drink all down my trousers, it even soaked my hair. I started to laugh and then total chaos ensued where everyone was either knocking over their drinks or slipping on the spilled juice. My friend the healer walked in drinking his juice and saw this chaotic scene and started laughing. I then woke up laughing.

-anna 2015-07-27 11:29:18

What if a drink spills?

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