The dream dress is often a statement of how you feel about yourself at the time of the dream – attractive, clumsy, depressed, etc. It can also be a statement about what you are thinking about or desiring at the time – a wedding dress, an evening dress, etc. So the dress is often a statement of s situation you are in, an emotional age – I was wearing a child’s dress – or a problem you are facing. A dress is of course about the enormity of your femininity, and an exteriorisation of feelings, and how you want to appear. See: Clothes.

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A dress can be an invitation, as in the example below. The male dreamer feels it is an invitation to intimacy, and most dresses are easily lifted making sex quickly available. See: skirt.

Example: She had on a low-cut dress. I stood behind her and reached over her shoulders, putting my hands under her dress onto her bare breasts. I caress them with pleasure, but came to a point of hesitation and questioned what I was doing. Then I seemed to see that her present response was one purely of sexual gratification, slight tension, and this in a rather “rub my tits” sort of way. But I also saw that if I carried on, it would open her out beyond this stage, to one of affection, and warm loveliness. I went on.

If you are dressing: This shows you assuming a particular way of life, role, or appearance. See dressing

If in a male dream: Usually represents a woman, your own desires for a woman, or if you are wearing it, perhaps confusion about your role.

Wedding dress: See: marriage and wedding.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What type of dress is it and what role or situation does it suggest?

What do you feel about the dress, and why are you meeting those feelings at the moment in your life?

Does this express how you are feeling or how you want to feel or appear?

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