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-Reynalyn 2013-01-03 5:14:28

I was awaken by my son in which he was the one i dreamt about it was 11:00am when we both slept at the same time i dreamt of running so fast that he run into a house with a family member that i could not recognized someone i dont even know i saw my son in a far distance in that open door he was laying in bed when i came in to get him out of that house he was gone and i saw him outside drowned in a dump black water but i quickly save him, then we go home i washed him clean get clothes on and we both had a nice walk outside the house we ride on a vehicle its like rollercoaster there are unfamilliar people who were riding on it, then my son fall down again the second time under that vehicle was a dump black water and i ask the girl near him to get him out of that and she dis save him and then there are two old woman talking to me and said “please watch over your son because the driver was drunk and he will get your son”

then a was awaken by my son whom i dreamt of what does it mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2013-01-06 10:59:11

    Reynalyn – I get a feeling that you have had a rough time recently – or are about to. The drunk driver could be a man in your life who is you need to take care of what is vulnerable in your life; not only your son but your own feelings.

    The black water suggests depression or feelings of despair. But you are a strong woman and got through them – the rollercoaster ride. Remember the strength you have and use it.


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