Most drugs in dreams represent the physical and psychological influence they have. For instance a pain killer is not just something that muffles physical pain, it also enables us to feel we can deal with certain levels of pain. So it would depict those feelings.

Therefore it is important to consider what you feel about the drug, what you use it for if you do, what you have read or feared about it if you don’t.

So a drug can be seen as the sign of a healing activity, or of something that will influence you or pervade you against your will. Some dreams give detailed insights into what a drug you are taking is doing – whether healing or hindering.

Of course, some drugs may be associated with illness, so you must see if you have this association with the dream drug. See Animal Children.

Example: Since taking that strange drug some very remarkable things have happened to me. However, the drug has set things astir inwardly, and I will try to explain this has much as I can.

It was brought home strongly to me that one does not really discover things or people by thinking about or analysing them. Things and people are what they are. Their nature is inherent in their being. Every tiny move we make, every line on our face, every cell of our body, is a total expression of what we are, of our inner state. Knowledge of things is not external to them, it is not thought out, it is only seen. In other words, we only need to look at something and allow the inner being within us, which is also the inner being in all else, to perceive itself in what we are considering, and we will know the thing.

Even this is not clear. But suffice it to say that we do not have to do anything to understand those things that appear outside us, or indeed to understand ourselves. Understanding is inherent in things – we have only to watch for it. Maybe an analogy will explain. Once I went hunting in a wood. I walked and walked, looking and searching for the creatures I was going to shoot, but saw nothing. Tired, I rested by a tree, stood quite still, and gave up my searching. Within a few minutes, what had seemed like a dead wood began to come alive. Birds flew to trees and settled, or moved here and there. Squirrels appeared in the branches and on the ground, and all was moving with life.

So with ourselves and others. We have to stand back and be still for a while to see really what is going on. Having realised this far more fully than ever before, due to the drug, and began to practise the mental and emotional attitude as often as I could in a form of meditation. The drug pushes one into this state, then proves that it works by releasing all sorts of inner material. This proof encouraged me to persevere with the attitude far more confidently than before.

Some of the most effective work with drugs was done with LSD prior to its being made illegal. A number of psychiatrists were registered to work with it. To understand this positive side to these drugs, it is useful to read such books as Myself and I by Constance Newland; and LSD Psychotherapy by W.V. Caldwell. When compared with the literature on ‘tripping’, the tremendous difference can be seen between playing with and working with, the inner process of homeostasis-self-regulation. See Iboga for the Treatment of Drug Addiction – Healing Cancer Using Magic Mushrooms


Useful questions:

What are my associations mentally and physically with this drug?

Does the dream show a shift of feelings or awareness?

Is this shown as harmful of useful?

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