This might indicate loss of control, lack of reason or having no soul or self control. See Being in Control

Sometimes drunkenness is about being abandoned and allowing expression to parts of you that are usually repressed. It might thus represent a form of freedom from the burden of self awareness, responsibility, and decision making. Occasionally it means we are filled with power from our spirit, or connection with the one life. 

Drunk driving: This shows you out of control in your life. Perhaps alcohol is dominating you. See: drivingAlcohol

Example: M. makes a list of what she did with the money she stole, while I get drunk. Behind me, Sakol presses her body up against me, turning me on. M. spent thousands of dollars getting drunk because she was lonely.

The following example is quoted from LSD and Ritalin in the Treatment of Neurosis by Ling and Buckman. She was exploring the roles of her mother and the drunk.

Example: My mother seemed very afraid of a drunk man around the place. It was definitely not my father because this drunk person spoke in Urdu with a Punjabi accent. I don’t know exactly who he was and I don’t remember having heard a name mentioned apart from the “drunk”. He must have lived fairly close to us for he was often around. He unceremoniously leered at my mother. She was afraid and complained to my father but he laughed and said “It’s only a drunk” in Bengali.

On this session I played several roles. Firstly of the drunk. It was as if I had not much to do so I walked up and down, kicking my heels just like an average street loafer. I acted the drunk, I also was like my father, solid and calm and quite unworried about my wife’s fear which I dismissed.  When I acted my mother I felt apprehensive that this man was not only thirsty and hungry for food, he was also hungry for sex. He desired me. At one time I strutted around the room and walked up to the bed which then appeared like a home and said to my mother to come away with me. You are beautiful. This was spoken in Bengali. My breath was hot and I panted like an animal. Next I was in my mother’s role and fought and freed myself. Everything around reeled and I said “I’m expecting” and felt I fainted.”

Idioms: a cheap drunk; as drunk as a skunk.

Useful questions and hints:

Does the dream indicate loss of control, and if so what is happening with this in waking life?

Do I feel unrestrained and free in the dream – and if so how can I live that without alcohol?

Was there any indication of a higher power touching me in the dream?

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