Duck Ducks

Because a duck can fly and also dive under water it can represent both your ability to raise your awareness, to expand your mind and horizons, and also to look into what is hidden under the surface of life. And its ability to float and swim on the surface of water shows it can survive in the conscious mind. Of course for many people it can be associated with food. See: Cormorant.

Ducks can also be beautiful when flying, and are also hunted and shot, so it depends on the dream what they mean to you – are they a thing of beauty or vulnerable.

Ducks are also always followed by drakes, and can be about the way we may also wish to pair off. With babies they are wonderful and highly vulnerable – and even the tiny pieces of fluff leave small waves – suggesting the waves we all leave in living our life, whoever small and vulnerable we might be. See Associations Working With

‘Duck’ might also indicate that you are ducking to avoid something as in the second example.

They are often vulnerable birds because they are hunted, as the following dream shows the duck part of us is vulnerable and needs help.

Example: In my dream last night I was cycling down a familiar lane and came across a white duck which had been injured by a car, it looked dead so I stopped and got off my bike and propped it against a gate but when I turned round the duck was standing and looking at me. It was strange because the way it came right up to me and looked directly at me. I seemed to know what this creature was thinking and it was asking me for help.

Example: Then there is some excitement and we duck down right before a shot is fired by a Secret Service agent standing in front of us. He fires at a man running behind us out of sight between two buildings. I watch the man fall, slowly lowered to the ground by two other SS agents, saying something as he dies.

Idioms: sitting duck; duck takes to water, dead duck; lame duck; duck out; duck soup; duck’s guts; ducks in a row (ducks in order); duck an issue.

Useful questions and hints:

Is the duck wild and free or is it a pet?

Does the duck look vulnerable to you – if so what do you feel vulnerable about?

Are you ducking to avoid something – if so what are you dodging or avoiding.

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In my dream last night a flock of dark ducks (dark brown or possibly black) ducks got killed by a white cat. What does that mean?

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