The The unwanted parts of your experience and memories. The things you want to get rid of in yourself; things you don’t like or are ashamed of.  See: garbage.

Does the dream point in any way to health or the body; it may be about collecting toxins that need to be got rid of.

Often things that you have used but are no longer needed in your life – or the packaging that goes with ‘life’. In other words you might need company, but you have to feed them as well. Ask yourself whether you are collecting views or things that are of not use to you.

Occasionally there are things in the garbage that are really useful. Can you wort out what is useful from what you feel or think is rubbish?

Trash has been used in America to refer to people thought to be inferior – white trash.

Useful questions:

What part of my life or experience are no longer useful and need to be got rid of?

What is the dream telling me about the trash?

Are there things I am throwing away that are in fact valuable in a way I didn’t see?

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