Unconscious forces, or the powers that work on your being to keep it functioning. See: dwarf poem.

A dwarf may also represent a part of the yourself that has been held back in development due to fear, pain or guilt. If you dream you are a dwarf it may express the feeling/fear you are small, insignificant, undeveloped.

A part of your personality left undeveloped or not integrated. For instance we may have musical ability which was suppressed by the need to bring up children, or a part of you malformed by painful childhood experience or lack of emotional nourishment. It may therefore be a link with your unconscious.

The story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs are an excellent example of its symbolic meaning. The dwarfs worked underground – the unconscious – bring up treasures. They are working well because of the caring love of a woman. If the dwarf or dwarfs are care for they will become valuable and help the dreamer to do well in the world and they will grow into adulthood and full stature.

So a dwarf often represent the potential or intuitive ability you have that has not been helped to realise itself. Because of the world the dwarf lives in, unable to be like other people, the dwarf is often a figure of deep understanding of the human condition and its tragedies.

Example: I had, or was, a deformed baby, having four eyes, and a somewhat distorted face. The eyes were operated on, two being removed. But the baby grew up a dwarf, very lonely, and shy. The dwarf and the normal me were one yet separated. He lived downstairs, and would often climb the stairs and stand outside my door hoping I would see him and befriended him. I, inside, vaguely felt his presence, but whenever I got near the door his shyness made him retreat downstairs.

The next thing was that a large male dwarf, and two female dwarfs came along the footpath. The two men (whom I now was) recognised they were deeply related to each other, and ran into each other’s arms with great love. As they held each other, they (I) felt that two incomplete parts have now found each other and would become whole.

The following are a series of dreams showing the development if one cares for ones dwarfed self.

1st dream: Then we heard footsteps upstairs, and knew it was the ghost. The eerie atmosphere increased and increased, and the footsteps could be heard coming down the steps of the stairs. We decided to go and have a look at the ghost, despite the fact we were somewhat scared. But when we looked up the stairs we saw it was a youngish woman who was dwarfed in stature, and very unhappy. This was why she haunted the place, and had materialised. I put my arm around her shoulder, and made her feel loved, and led her into the kitchen, where we talked to see if we could help her. The whole eeriness had disappeared.

2nd dream some months later: I was in the wings of a theatre, watching the acts, some sort of variety. As I sat watching, a dwarf woman who was one of a troupe, came and whispered to me and kissed me. I was overwhelmed with love, and tears ran down my face. I hoped she would see them to know how much I loved her.

3rd dream many years later: The woman dwarf had features that, even in the dream, reminded me of someone. On waking I realise it was the dwarf woman who played the ‘medium’ in the film Poltergeist. Once in the room with her I felt more strongly I had known her for many years. She told me she was going to look in her crystal ball to tell me what she could see for me. The room was quite dim. It was her bed-sitting room, and like the corridor, had an air of things going on difficult to see in the dimness.

Throughout this dream I had an erection, and at this point got much nearer to waking, and am aware of the erection and the warm sexual feelings filling my lower trunk and chest. I realise the woman has never been made love to, and I feel compassion and love for her. I pick her up and hold her lovingly. I do not have an awareness of penetrating her, but the charge of sexual feelings flows into her. She transforms into a beautiful female and I know she will always love me – be a haven of love. She has a sister or friend in the room, also a dwarf. She is more difficult to love but I manage it. She transforms into a more native woman.

My beautiful friend looks into the crystal. It is not a thing made of glass, but a great dimension of mind which appears to open in the room, hanging in the centre and is a portal to another dimension, about eight feet across. She tells me I am already touching something that is beginning to happen in the world. My life will become involved in it. I will play my part – by no means a key or leader, but one which I will gain great satisfaction and love from.


Useful questions and hints:

What is the dwarf doing in the dream?

Do I feel small in relation to others in a situation?

What of me has been held back by neglect or pain??

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-Stella 2015-09-25 21:21:18

I dreamt that I was being chased through a forest by a blue/purple dwarf. I was in a huge sparkly wedding dress and he kept trying to bite my fingers. When I came to the edge of the forest, I told my fiancé and my bridesmaid (neither of which were people I know) but he didn’t believe me. He put a ring on me and it became so long it covered my entire finger. In the meantime, the dwarf had climbed up a tree and bitten my bridesmaid, after which my fiancé believed me. I had a feeling my fiancé and bridesmaid should be the ones getting married. I am 22 and single.

    -Marcus 2017-05-07 6:13:43

    Hi Stella .. the very first thing that came to mind was that the purple dwarf represented an underdeveloped part of you that is actually OK, a part of you that is ‘royal’, in the sense that it will be developed in a relationship with someone special (you in wedding dress). This is partly what relationships are for .. to grow and develop in a special, precious way. So .. don’t run from this part of you that you may think is so underdeveloped. You can grow this part of you with someone special.

    And, you thinking your fiance and bridesmaid should be married could mean that maybe you should wait for the right person to come along. Or (oppositely), don’t think yourself unworthy of a great relationship.

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