Sometimes one has a feeling of being in the Garden of Eden, and this shows you have touched a sense of yourself beyond the limitations of thinking and time. It is the you that exists in connection with the rest of creation, and has always existed without effort. Often refers to life in the womb, or your infant state of awareness prior to learning how to speak. Can also depict purity, simplicity, or happiness. See Adam and Eve

If you think about the Bible story I think it is clearly about a tremendous change of awareness in human development or evolution. We existed in complete harmony with the rest of nature, and was all done for us by God/Life. And the change can easily be traced to the enormous shift between being a creature guided by instincts and that of modern humans whose instinct is to procreate. In attaining a personality with awareness of a ‘self’ we left Eden behind and had to find out own way instead of being guided by instinct. Now we are living in the midst of being cast out of Eden with our lack of awareness of a guiding forces, our nakedness of knowing what to do, our lack of communion with life around us, and our sense of fear of God/Life that is evident all the time in peoples dreams. See Reaction to the unconscious

Example: I was experiencing a strong feeling of being connected with all things. I had a deep sense of being part of everything, and of everything being a part of me. It was very real and I had a spontaneous image of standing in a great garden, an immense place of creation and unity – the Garden of Eden feeling. As this happened I had an insight that most of the people in the world do not have, and perhaps do not want to be a part of this unity. This thought, in the way it was experienced was completely new to me. I couldn’t understand why anyone would not want to experience this wonder and communion. I knew I was at the wedding feast, the celebration of life or creation. It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of this mystery.

Therefore the realisation that many people did not want this was slightly shocking or unnerving. It made me ask myself the question of whether I was naive, perhaps not seeing or realising something. This realisation went on to the sense that in fact a sort of battle was going on between those who were part of the celebration, and those who didn’t want it. I thought that those who didn’t want it were perhaps frightened of losing the control they thought they had over their life and the world. I knew I was playing a part in this battle or struggle.

Useful questions and hints:

Have I experienced a feeling of being part of everything?

Does the dream in any way suggest life before birth?

Do I ever experience a feeling beyond good and bad?

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