Usually the hidden side of self, what we usually call the unconscious or our inner world. But dreaming of Egypt is usually slightly different to dreaming of China or Japan. This because the Far East is associated with the East, the rising sun; whereas Egypt has rich associations with the mystery of the pyramids, of the wonders of mummies and the dead, so the riches of the unconscious and the dead, death and life after death and reincarnation.

It may also be a link with our dreaming self at a deep level; and initiation into a new awareness or ability, or the tests you must pass through before receiving initiation. See Initiation

Because it has associations with the Biblical story of bondage, it may attime indicate this. In the biblical symbolism,  life dominated by material values.

Example: Now I am experiencing going through the burial process of ancient Egypt. It is quite strange because I am both an observer and also the person going through the rite of death. I am seeing and experiencing the mummification process. I am not sure why but the word transubstantiation comes to mind. It is something I feel as the process is going on. As the substances are poured into my body I feel my being is transformed.

As I attempt to describe this I am reminded of what happened earlier with the incredibly fast vibrations that I felt were in some way changing my being. So this is again an experience of transformation. I sense it has a gradual refinement of the substance of my being. It is both a rite of death and a transformation of my being into a spirit, into a spirit being. As I write this I wonder if any of this translates into actual physical life. It is now two days after that journey and I do feel different in some way, but I feel that the process of transformation is still underway and I have to come back to it as a sort of meditation.

During my experience of this rite of death I understood that these rituals, but especially the meaning behind the rituals, have become a part of our unconscious. They are like a stratum, a level deep within us through which certain psychological, even physiological and spiritual growth processes still work. They are patterns that are still very powerful in us and our being used in some way to effect personal or spiritual growth. What I mean is that it might be very difficult for the deeper levels of our being too express or communicate to consciousness what is happening, what changes are occurring in us. Now these ancient rituals and ways of life are ready-made images and have great meaning for us, so are still relevant and powerful to us today.

Useful questions:

How is Egypt being presented in my dream, and what do I associate with that?

Do I have personal experiences or associations with Egypt?

Is there a suggestion of mystery or hidden meaning in this dream?

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