Usually associated with generation, degeneration and regeneration. In the growth of a seed, we can take the seed to represent number one, its relationship with the soil or opposite as two; the budding of seed into shoot as three or the point of growth: then the reaching above ground and rooting as four. The opening of leaves five; the development of stem six, the formation of bud seven, the opening of bud and fertilisation eight, the forming of seed nine. Thus eight can be seen as a climax where the old self opens to the development of the seeds of the new. It is a sort of death or degeneration into matter, that yet develops the seeds of the future, of spiritual consciousness. It is thus the sign of death and rebirth. Also of Justice. In the symbol of the figure eight, we see that the down ward loop drops and then doubles back to rise again. The Zodiacal sign of Scorpio, the governor or inspector. It governs the generative Organs, and the eighth house governs legacies, death, the occult. See: Numbers.

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