The body, surroundings, protection or a means of hiding something.

If you have not yet opened the envelope, then it holds a message you are not yet aware of, except perhaps intuitively. The envelope could also suggest contact with someone, or news of something. If envelope remain unopened, it may indicate that you have missed or are missing an opportunity.

Envelopes usually are about feelings of anticipation or opportunity in your dream. If you are eagerly anticipating an envelope’s contents, it could mean that the dream is telling you that you are expecting something wonderful.

Envelopes are great signifiers of information. For instance the handwriting, whether it is from abroad, from a loved person, or even a business envelope.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel when I saw the envelope?

Did I recognise it as from someone I knew?

What part did the envelope plau in the dream?

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-Karen 2016-07-05 21:38:24

I dreamt I had a white envelope I put money in it lick to seal it and wrote a friend name on it and gave it to someone to give to my friend

-Estelle Audet 2014-11-20 8:12:37

What does it mean if the envelope is empty?

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