Enter Entering Entrance

New experience or new area of experience.

Some disciplines of mind, and the use of certain drugs, enables people to explore areas of experience that do not occur “naturally”. Through these it enables the practitioner to enter the condition of sleep while maintaining a certain amount of critical awareness.

People can enter into all manner of things such as – fantasies, sexual longing, illusions, insight, psositve experience, a new stage of growth, we can enter a dream and explore it, entering a hole or cave, we might avoid entering into contact with someone, or find entrance into the house of the ancestors.

You can enter into anything in this way, whether it is an animal, a tree, the sea, a house, or even conditions or dimensions of mind and emotion. As you explore your dream in this way you can ask questions and your intuition will play its responses on the monitor of your body and emotions. It is important not to get lost in the symbols, but explore your associations.

A secret entrance: An attitude or psychological ‘stance’ which opens a new experience of self, or allows access to parts of oneself usually inaccessible. See: door.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What new or strange experience is entering my life or trying to claim my attention?

Have I been led into a shifted awareness – an entrance into my unconscious?

Does love, caring or affection enter my dream?

Is something entering my life from an ocean of possibilities.

What is happening with the entrance – am I going into something or someone else coming in?

Where does the entrance lead to and from?

What is the issue connected with the entrance?

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