Intimate self revelation or what is appreciated and honoured. There may also be a suggestion of choice, or looking for something.

An exhibition is also about exposure to what is being exhibited, and therefore a fuller consciousness of it.

Example: Later, I go to a zoo. It is a place I have been before. This time though when I look at the monkeys, I find they have all been changed to human beings; that the monkeys are outside, looking at the human beings inside. I am startled and stare at the human beings – especially a girl with a low cut dress – and someone outside with me asks what I am looking at. He seems insulted that I am staring at these people. I start to walk away and he follows me. He is an Australian and when he finds out that I am an American and that I have been to the zoo before and I tell him that I think the exhibit is very clever, he becomes very friendly. We walk back to the exhibit together.

Useful questions and hints:

Is this an exhibition of my own work, or a revealing of my inner life?

What do I feel about what is exhibited?

Am I involved other than an observer, and if so in what way?

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