Exploring Exploration

You can explore the land/the world, an idea, a question or a project, you can explore yourself or your dreams, you can explore sex. Or you can explore the effects of medecines or drugs, and of course your imagination and creativity. You can explore different ways of looking or behaviour, even your gender.

This is usually about seeking more information or trying to understand a personal situation, your response to things, or your history.  Often it is seen in your dreams when you are involved in self examination in any way. But it could equally come from intellectual or passionate researching of a subject.

In particular exploring a cave or cellar shows you getting deeply into your previously unconscious life.

Exploring a wilderness, desert or countryside is more about finding your way through the many possible choices in your life, or finding how to move through or from a situation you are in. Exploring the unknown is about creativity and fearlessness.

Useful questions:

What am I exploring and what feelings or life situation do I associate with it?

If I find anything what is it and what do I feel?

Am I alone in this or with others, and in what way?

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