Exploring a dream

Mostly we hear about analysing dreams, as if they are something we could penetrate by thinking about, or being analytical about a dream. In writing about this elsewhere I have said this is rather like thinking that you understand what the experience of swimming is like simply by thinking about it, but never having being in the water. Being in the water is a very powerful physical sensation, it is an emotional experience and it requires the learning of a skill to move around in that element and survive. Dreams are very much like that. If you enter the emotional and sensory aspects of dreams rather than simply think about them, it is often a very deeply felt experience. There are certain skills you need to learn to be able to do that, to move around in dreams, and learn from them. For further information about this subject first see Peer Dream Work which is the very best method.

Then see Interpretation passion core experiencesand Techniques for Exploring your Dreams also Exploring a Dream By Brenda Blake

Exploring your dreams You can find a number of ways to can gain further insight into your dreams through the following features. They have been placed in order to give graded instruction.

 Introductory – The dream as a CodeDream visualisationEmotions and moodsLanguage and dreamsMagical dream machineKey wordsBackground


Looking at exploring dreams

Being the Person or Thing – Practical Techniques to explore their meaning – Secrets of Power Dreaming  Dream ProcessingPeer Dream Exploration – InterpretationAnimals As Dream FiguresCharacters and People in Your DreamsHouse in Your Dreams – Peer Dreamwork – Power DreamingA Master Class in Dreams.

The many things dreams are

ArchetypesBirth dreams during pregnancyBrain hemispheresBrain levelsCarrying the dream forward –– Dream lovers –– ESP and dreamsHealing action within dreamsHypnosis and dreamsIncubating dreamsIntuition in dreams –– Lucidity the new frontierThe man in your dreamsMeeting in dreamsMenstruation and dreamsMovements during sleepMyths legends and fairy talesNear death experiencesNightmaresNight terrorsNutrition and dreams Out of body experiencesParalysis while asleepPast lives in dreams –- People in your dreamsPhilosophy of dreamsPlace or environmentPlot of the dreamPossession and dreamsPrecognitionPregnancy dreamsPremenstrual tension and dreamsProphetic dreamsReincarnation and dreamsRelationship and dreamsRocking during sleep Secret of the universe dreamsSecrets Learned From DreamsSelf regulation and fantasySequential dreams Serial dreamsSeries of dreamsSex and dreamsSex while asleepSleep apnea Sleep walking –– Spiritual life in dreamsSub personalitiesSleep talking Teenage girls love dreamsTeenage male dreamsTelepathyTime and dreamsUnconsciousVirtual reality and dreamsWord analysis of dreamsYoga and dreams.



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