Fainting in dreams can indicate stress great enough to produce the faint response – a way of avoiding too much emotional pain, shock, great fear or avoidance. Some esoteric techniques cause a fainting if consciousness enabling the person to be aware in the world of the dead, the unconscious, and visions. This causes the rational mind to faint, and so brings about a condition in which one can contact one source, perhaps having a profound vision. This was the method of Jalal ad-Dīn Rumi.

In the ‘Bardo Thodol’ it says, ‘The common people call this the state wherein the consciousness principle (object knowing principle) hath fainted away.’ These teachings declare that if we cannot hold onto this condition, we drop into the next level, which is experiencing the effect of the Clear Light. If this is not possible to maintain, we drop into our karmic matrix. If this is not maintained, we become lost in images and ‘dreams’ arising from the karma we have gathered, i.e. our loves, hates, fears, and aspirations.

But you can have a faint marking, a faint sound, his presence was faint, be faint of heart, faint praise or faint recall.

See: Dizzy.

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