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Natural forces or processes, such as electricity, gravity, cohesion, magnetism. The unconscious tends to express such forces pictorially as ideas are portrayed in most dreams. But the fairy might also be a process or realisation within yourself. It can also refer to something that is completely impractical or a fantasy.

The fairy can represent the desire to believe in the magical despite a feeling of its loss. There is an overall sense in the Western mind and psyche that God does not exist – ‘God is dead’. For many people this leads either to a dry intellectual relationship with life, or a feeling of something missing. And as a society we may attempt to deal with the dryness or sense of loss with alcohol, meaningless social rituals, drugs, excessive ambition to grasp money, mental illness or breakdown between self and society. Aniela Jaffe says this is a retreat of consciousness. The ‘magic’ of a living contact with our own core self is dead. See Core

Fairy tales: Are the language of the unconscious and dreams. The meaning of them has been forgotten by modern humans, yet it is an important language because it reveals secrets of the inner life of humans that they ignore to their detriment. To quote from Dreams the forgotten Language by Erich Fromm, “For the people of the past, living in the great cultures of both East and West, there was no doubt as to the answer to this question. For them myths and dreams were among the most significant expressions of the mind, and failure to understand them would have amounted to illiteracy. It is only in the past few hundred years of Western culture that this attitude has changed. At best, myths were supposed to be naïve fabrications of the pre-scientific mind, created long before man had made his great discoveries about nature and had learned some of the secrets of its mastery.”

Unfortunately this forgetfulness has led to the crazy world we live in today, in which countless thousands are constantly on anti depressants and do not know how to cope with life.

Useful questions and hints:

In what way does the fairy exist in the dream and how do I relate to it?

Is this some sort of wish for a magical thing to be real in my life?

If I imagine myself as the fairy what do I experience?

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