What is happening to you at the fairground often shows your feelings about the enormous range of differences and activities you observe in human society. It therefore depicts the range of human fate – rich to poor, midgets to giants; the ‘swings and roundabouts’ of life. So you may be finding your way through the many things facing you, and it is wise to keep a certain amount of suspicions of others motives.

It could also suggest you want some fun and release in your life. See Amusement Park or Arcade

Example: For the past year I have had recurring dreams about fairground rides. Occasionally members of my family, including my father have died on the rides. When I’m on the ride I’ve survived, but I can sense danger all around me. This dream is beginning to bother me. I am 15 years old.

As we try to become independent of parents we dream of seeing them dead. If it is not murder, then the dreamer sees the parent or parents die. In either case, the child still faces life without them, and this seems to be the point of such dreams. So the example illustrates the quieter form of getting rid of a parent.

The fairground can also be a testing oneself to define self image. This because some rides need a certain amount of courage or ability to face new experiences. There is also great variety here, and so might point to the varied experiences we are meeting and trying to find our way through or understand.

The fairground also represents the ups and downs of life, its variety and uncertainties. There IS danger in almost everything we do in life. But there is also opportunity and the possibility of deep satisfaction. The challenge is what YOU will make of it? How will you play your part? Will you forever feel surrounded by danger, and thereby not fully express yourself? Or can you laugh and love while the ride goes on? The following example clearly shows the difficulties we face. See also: amusement park; Market.

Example: Whilst walking home with a boy we reached the end of the path. However there was an exit leading to an empty dark fairground. My friend ran off, leaving me frightened. I ran away and found a church. Inside a service was underway and I sat down. I realised though that everyone around me were zombies. A man pointed a gun at me and I somehow escaped.

It seems the dreamer may have had a difficulty with a boyfriend leaving her, or the fear of it. This has made her doubt the ready made images about love and marriage. The dark fairground has in it the sense of looking behind the bright lights to see the reality back of the glamour of things. I don’t know what age she is, but she is wondering what life has to offer you without a male. Because of those feelings you wonder if there is comfort in traditional religion. But the people you see using this approach are, in your mind, doing things automatically without questioning. But the end of the dream is important though. It suggests the whole dream arose out of her hidden fears of being hurt in a relationship.

Useful Questions and Hints

Where there parts of the dream you had intense feelings?

Did you feel fear or pleasure in the fairground?

Were you alone or with someone?

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