Find Finding Found

Usually, as in the first example, to discover, realise, become aware of some aspect of oneself and gain access to or use of. One might be living with constant resentments about one’s past or present situation, and then ‘find’ release from this for a day, yet not be conscious how it was achieved. The dream might attempt to define this. Or it might be a new idea you realise unconsciously in sleep.

Example: ‘I went into a cellar. It was rather cave like. I had to scramble to get into it. The entrance was difficult to find, but I had discovered it many years before and been in lots of times. I found objects in the cellar and was looking for something.’ Tony C.

Example: ‘Then I was with my dead father and was showing him a handful of exotic bank notes I had found in the building. They were £100 notes. I wasn’t sure if the money was legal tender or not. The notes had unusual design.’ Andy LBC

Andy has found a sense of his own value – the money – but is not sure if other people also value him. The dream illustrates the attempt to ‘find a place’ in society. The effort to search and find is frequently to do with one’s own identity, and what one is searching through is one’s experience or inner sense of life, as in Tony’s cellar above, or the example below.

Example: ‘I was looking into the crowd in the film to find me and it was like looking at a snapshot, it felt very important that I find me, I saw my green slacks just showing, right at the back of the crowd.’ Trudy K.

See: diggingseeing-see-sight.

Idioms: Find oneself; find fault; find out; find one’s bearings.

Useful questions and hints:

What did you find – was it of value?

Did you succeed in finding what was sought?

What have you been looking for in life or  yourself?

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-Jazelle Jobin 2011-12-16 21:25:41

i had a dream last night that i found a baby girl at a bus stop. she was cold hungry and i could feel that she felt lonely. she was so close of dying. i was crying for her life, trying to find somewhere to go to help this lil girl. i found a place and called 911 but they told me they wouldnt get there for awhile. i warmed, fed, and loved that baby as much as i could. by the time the amblunce showed up they said she would be ok and left her with me. i knew i fell in love with her and she loved me. what does this mean?

    -yvonne greene 2013-08-10 18:10:24

    I think it means you found yourself – and are able to love and nurture yourself unreservedly.
    I also dreamt about a little girl last night. I thought she was lost to me for many years, and then I discovered that she was living in a place where I hadn’t bothered to look – she was where I came from. After all that time, she’s back with me, I’ve finally seen her. She survived.

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