This can represent pride, either as ones connection with the group as in nationalism, or as an individual. The flag is also used to depict occasions of rejoicing such as marriage or victory, or mourning as with someone’s death.

Flags can be used to signal a message or an event, and a white flag says ‘surrender’. But it depends what the flag is and what you associate with it.

Flag at half mast definitely has a connection with death or a project that doesn’t work well – but it can be the death of a project or hope as well as a person.

Flags are planted to show success as when reaching the top of Everest, or in claiming and occupying land, so this might suggest your experience of entering new territory in yourself or life, or succeeding in reaching a difficult goal. Flags are also used to give signals or when joining in a celebration.

Useful questions and hints:

What is the flag being used for or signifying in the dream?

What feelings do I experience or are suggested in the dream?

Do any events such as a gathering or celebration suggest the significance?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsQuestions Edgar Cayce


-Kurt 2016-02-08 6:28:31

I once drempt of seeing the Soviet flag in the sky. I said “there are people living up there for eternity.

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