Flies Fly

We usually see flies as something we do not want in our house. So it may suggest either an urge to kill them or get rid of them. Or it can suggest there is something unclean or even dead around. See flying

Flies are also the food of some creatures like lizards or bats and birds. So if you dream of this it suggests the natural order of things.

Example: I had the most disturbing dream the other night and I can’t stop thinking about it. Basically in the dream I was in my bedroom and there were flies everywhere, so I lifted up my mattress and under my bed there was a giant newborn dead babies and a coffin. I opened up the coffin and them inside was another dead baby.

The flies in this dream were a way of getting the dreamers attention to much bigger problem than the flies.

Example: I could see the spiders grow and trample over flies, only leaving lifeless corpses behind. They were sucking the blood right out of them. Then I saw a giant spider, more like a monster, taking a fly and eating it. After it was done, the spider had a human expression on its face.

This shows how we use dream images to show human situations or themes. The theme is how humans can trample over each other and misuse them for their own purposes. Think of the thousands killed in political wars or ethnic cleansing operations.

Irritating flies can suggest either someone else is interfering with your life, or you need to become aware of what is constantly calling for your attention. For instance a small irritation can take your attention away from something important.

Example: We have some marijuana to power the raft and push it into the driveway. There we begin waiting – meanwhile fighting off small scourges of rats and flies – while with a shovel waiting for a real big herd of rats to attack us.

The dreamers comment on this is, “After having sex with a stranger, I am afraid that my guilt feelings will attack me?”

Example: When I centred back on the dream I began to shout, “Let me out please. Let me out of here,” banging my chest. As I cried out my head turned to the left and I felt I was a fish. The position was appropriate because my head had an eye each side of my body. I remembered my two fish dreams, one with the dead fish covered in flies.

“Stinking dead fish. Something really rotten. Something really stinking, right in their (in my left chest).” Suddenly I took on a very nose in the air, supercilious attitude toward this rotten thing in my chest. “Quite horrible. It’s a stinking thing. A stinking thing. It’s a stinking fish. Take it away.”

Now my superciliousness of voice and face went. “It’s a fish, like the fish under the carpet in the dream. It’s a bit of me. The wreckage of life. I am a bit of the wreckage of life. Dead fish – I am a fish out of water. Then I remembered when I went home and looked at the house and saw how I neglected you all. I just broke down but I couldn’t let it out there and then. I can bear to see now how I had failed as a father and husband, how I couldn’t give myself to home, family, or a lover. I wouldn’t have been able to see it because there were so many other psychological problems in the way and I didn’t know how to resolve them – my failure, my lack of strength. It’s only because those are out of the way I can begin to see this now.

Idioms: as the crow flies; drop like flies; how time flies; time flies when you are having fun; you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Useful questions and hints:

Are the flies small irritations or signs of something I need to become aware of?

Is something buzzing around in my head and I am not understanding it?

Are there signs of something dead?

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