Flight or Fight

The fight-or-flight-or-freeze-or-faint response, hyperarousal, (or the acute stress response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

Even though the fight or flight response is automatic, it is not always accurate. Most of the time when the fight or flight response is aroused it is a false alarm – there is no threat to survival. Our brain initiates the automatic part of the fight or flight response, and the amygdala (part of brain) cannot distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat.

Sometimes the perceived threat is so intense it triggers a “freeze” response. This could be interpreted as the brain being overwhelmed by the threat, or it could also be an adaptive / positive response to a threat. It probably evolved in humans and animals as a way of “keeping still” so a predator’s attention would not be triggered by movement.

Either way, for modern humans the freeze response means that the muscles remain tensed and poised for action….action that is never really initiated. That’s why we often get “knots” in our backs, shoulders, neck, and arms. We have not discharged the tension. (Help from 10 stress busters) See Life’s Little Secrets and  Opening to Life

Quoted from NHS-UK Conditions


-sharon 2015-02-27 22:39:56

I am having flashes randomly .while my eyes are closed .It started 12 years ago after the tragic death of my eldest daughter
I can only describe it as a cloudy whispy formation that reveals faces, at times my daughters Not to long ago I had this happen ,and I had a feeling something was wrong.
The next day I was drawn to my neighbors door .I had this desire to ask her for coffee I.had never formally met her. also I knew she was raising two granddaughters .I wanted to offer any help I could give.
She did not answer the door off I went not thinking much about it..
The next day she gave us the news that her youngest granddaughter had passed away from heart complications…I somehow new immediately that I had felt that in my soul when I had the visions .I believe I was summoned to the home where the child lived. My heart was overwhelmed with grief for them..

I had visions again as I lay down to sleep i could not close my eyes without seeing the cloudy formations. This time it was of a racoons face ,followed by a dark bird maybe an eagle or a hawk flying away I saw it many times .
I got up and had a drink of water and stayed awake.
I felt uneasy .and I have been trying to figure the meaning of these. strange events.
Thank you

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