Flirt Flirting

I once flirted with a woman I was working with in a hotel. I was needed to help her make bed as as she was short staffed. She was wearing tight jeans which in my eyes made her rounded hips very attractive. So in flirting manner and semi humorous I said, “My goodness, you look so good in those dreams I want to chase you around the bed.” She immediately said in an angry voice, “What the hell are you talking about. You better stop that talk.”

I left it at that and got on helping make the beds. The next morning at breakfast – the early staff sat together – in front of everyone she came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and said, “What we talked about yesterday – I am ready.”

It was an amazing turnaround and taught me that being humorous and jokey in a flirting way can be a way toward a relationship. So flirting is a way of saying something that you mean as humour. Being said in humour gives everyone a chance to back out.

Example: I am waiting around, flirting with the winner of a beauty contest. It is my ‘honor’ to pay her $5,000 hotel bill in order to take her our in the new sports car she won in the contest. Although I am flirting with other girls, she is a nice girl, honest, and waits for me. We have sex in her car, rather than spend a lot of money on another expensive hotel room. I like her a lot.

Useful questions and hints:

In what was was flirting involved in the dream?

Was I simply seeing if I could make it with them?

What did I learn from the dream?

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