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You can follow orders, follow a leader; or follow an ideal or an idea; you can be followed and it can be threatening  or a good feeling. If you are following someone or an orderyou need to ask yourself why you are following and what is in it for you. If you are being followed wonder what or who is following you and what you feel about it. If you do not like it you can change it. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

If you are being followed, this might show who or what you are influencing, or what is coming into your life, perhaps what you are avoiding. To follow is to  have an attraction to, pursue, look for or seek something. It nearly always suggests you are being led by an attitude, hope or habit, and not consciously assessing present needs. In other words you may not be fully aware of what is leading you on in waking life.

Example: ‘The group I followed on the underground got off. I followed them. An elderly woman friend told me they were going home, not to my destination.’ Debbie T.

Debbie processed her dream and realised she was following old habits – the friend – which weren’t taking her where she wanted.

Example: A nazi officer got out. He looked at me and told me that I was under arrest. I was to report to headquarters. I asked, “Where is it?” He said, “Follow me.” So the kitten and I walked along. He went too fast (the officer), and I lose him. I didn’t know where headquarters was, so I asked directions!! It finally dawned on me that I could escape, that I was being really silly following orders.

Example: I then started to walk away from the tiger and I was afraid I would be attacked; in fact in my mind I was thinking “I hope the tiger doesn’t follow me”. However the tiger did follow me but it gave me a sense of protecting me and making sure I made it to my next destination.

To follow: Is to be influenced by; have an attraction to; pursue; seek something; look for. Nearly always suggests we are being led by an attitude, hope or habit, and not consciously assessing present needs.

Following animal: Led by basic drives, intuition or instinct.

Following opposite sex: Led by desire for satisfaction in love.

Being followed: Taking the initiative; pursued by memory, pain, guilt; ambition or a continuing sense of hope, doom, hunch, instinct.

Followed by opposite sex: Memories of old love.

Followed by animal: See: chased.

Idioms: a tough act to follow; do you follow; follow me; follow the rules; follow through; tough act to follow; follow the crowd

Useful questions and hints:

What am I being followed by and what does that link with in waking life?

What am I following and is this a habit or a desire?

What am I being urged on in my life by, and does it need re-evaluation?

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-Nathalia 2015-08-10 15:13:42

I had a dream that 6 or 5 good looking boys and they are celebrities…following me as i kept avoiding them but they kept inviting me to their walk and they are really friendly and good…but i just ignore them and kept avoiding them..
Sorry for the grammatical error..

-Shandi 2015-07-07 15:47:41

Tony, I had a dream that was very lucid, one strong point was I was in a house where evil ceremonies had been held and as I was coming down the stairs exiting the house, a large overwhelming evil presence followed me down the stairs. I have allot of logical explanations for my dream but do not want to ignore that it could possibly have deeper meaning. Any insight? Thank you for your time.

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